18 January 2021

December 16th 2020

 All I wanted for my birthday was to take some snowy pictures of my baby! ;)

We had really big snowflakes early on in the day, but Tyrel and I went driving out and about on a little date. After we got back and Rhett had a nap it just wasn’t snowing those big pretty flakes anymore. 
It seemed like it just wasn’t going to happen, but at dusk I was able to get everything set up, and have Tyrel run Everett out to me for the pictures. It was COLD!! So we didn’t keep him out more than 5 minutes — and I’m always amazed at the pictures that can come in just a few minutes with this fella! I remember his 6 mo. studio pictures were under 15 minutes! He’s pretty cooperative! 🤗

05 December 2020

December 5th 2020


Bubby got all dressed up in bibs to hop in the tractor with his daddy this morning and feed some cows. <3
The last picture is my favorite. It so captures the stage he's in right now. :)

01 December 2020

December 1st 2020

 I always love taking Everett's monthly photos. I've made it a point to try to take the pictures of him while he is sleeping (a bit tricky most times) and then a couple of him awake. Today was definitely on the tricky side with him not ever taking a great nap, so while I was waiting for him to be ready to try the sleep thing again we took quite a few photos. :P

Isn't this crying face just the best/worst/cutest/most sad?! lol

30 November 2020

November 30th, 2020

Our book-loving buddy has been on the move and doesn't take time to lay with momma to read anymore. I guess he was forced to lay with me before he could crawl, but I know he really did love reading books together! ;) 
But I've found that if I get out a book soon after he wakes up, he is more likely to not scamper away to another room because he really neeeeeds to be closeeeeee to me when he wakes up! hehe!

Always getting right in my face. :D

He is 10 months today.... errrr tomorrow. Since this month doesn't have a "31st", I get to pick which date I want. And today, 10 month pictures just didn't happen... so I pick tomorrow! lol :D


23 November 2020

November 12th 2020

Everett began crawling at about 8.5 months and it was my happiest day! It has been so fun to watch him learn to love and expand this new ability.

There are two instances I specifically cherish from this milestone. 

One was the first time he crawled from room to room. It was about a week after his first crawl, and he was in his bedroom and I was two rooms down the hall. He left his room to go to another room to play, but then he turned around and saw me doing my hair in the bathroom, and he quickly stomped his little hands and knees over to where I was. And I rejoiced very much inside!

The other instance I recorded on the day it happened...

"This morning was such a dream; I just wanted to cry little soft tears of joy.

I tip-toed around the perfect moment as if to not disturb it.

I’ve never been a person extremely drawn to the infant stage, I’ve always loved and looked forward to having a toddler, though. I assume this is because my personality is driven by activities and projects which you can have a toddler “participate” in.

I feel like my baby turned a little towards toddlerhood this week when he started crawling. I can “send him on missions” to crawl across the floor to find a delicious piece of food. He is much happier to play on the floor by himself because he can go to get what he wants. That has done my heart so much good since for the last 8 months I have tried so hard to relax and be present with him and put aside my household duties when he just needed to cuddle or play.

But this morning I got to be present with him in a very different way. 

I got my egg noodle dough out of the fridge that had been waiting on me to roll it out all week. I set my little guy down with some things on the floor on the other side of the countertop bar. 

The whole time I was working with my noddles he babbled in the sweetest, happiest, soft little voice. I melted. I had to keep poking my head around the counter to soak it all in. 😭

All that said, I have of course come to love the infant stage after having my own. So if he reverted back to that and quit the cute babbling play, I would love him just as much. But I have no reserves to openly preferring this stage over the infant stage. 😅" 

-October 19th

So here we are a little over a month later ;) I realized, once again that I needed to get out my camera to capture this sweet stage. ;)

He loves to crawl to my knees and push up on them to get right in my face... and this is the common face of the little happy guy who has successfully invaded his momma's space bubble! 😄

We got a "tiny cup" from EzPz, and I have not regretted the $10 purchase!
It's a 2 ounce silicone cup that is weighted perfectly for them to pick up on their own, and the inside is shaped in a way to help the flow of water be more even and not all at once! 😂

I DREADED this stage of having to spoon feed him. But it's not quite nearly as bad as I expected because we totally skipped the traditional pureed foods that get everywhere and require exclusive spoon-feeding. Everett and I both prefer when I have food that he can pick up with his fingers on his own! :)


14 October 2020

October 14th 2020


I ran to town for Tyrel to get a part for his truck, and I just happened to hit a gorgeous time on Cheat Mountain. I've been disappointed on my drives to town before when I haven't brought my camera along, so today I was so happy that I had it with me.

I love going to this park when we're in town... and Rhett was so thrilled to watch the children on the playground. I love when little children come up to him and want him to notice them, too! <3

30 September 2020

8 Months Old

This last month, Everett’s two top teeth came through, he has only been motivated to start creeping/crawling by lucky charm marshmallows... And he has toppled onto his head more times that I can count, so he’s sporting a bruise on his forehead in these pictures.
19lbs 0oz

September 30th 2020


Everett and I are flying out to Oklahoma in the morning to be in my friend's wedding!

I was in a tizzy to get everything done, but when Tyrel came home I realized that I had a little time to slow down. So I joined him outside while he was unloading cinderblocks for his next project. I immediately ran back inside to get my camera because the leaves were a perfect combination of "still on the tree and on the ground without being crunchy". :)

My favorite fall view is right here at our house. 😍

25 September 2020