18 January 2021

December 16th 2020

 All I wanted for my birthday was to take some snowy pictures of my baby! ;)

We had really big snowflakes early on in the day, but Tyrel and I went driving out and about on a little date. After we got back and Rhett had a nap it just wasn’t snowing those big pretty flakes anymore. 
It seemed like it just wasn’t going to happen, but at dusk I was able to get everything set up, and have Tyrel run Everett out to me for the pictures. It was COLD!! So we didn’t keep him out more than 5 minutes — and I’m always amazed at the pictures that can come in just a few minutes with this fella! I remember his 6 mo. studio pictures were under 15 minutes! He’s pretty cooperative! 🤗

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