29 March 2018

I’ve been getting an adventure bug lately. But with everything to do at home and on the job, it takes away my desire to go find a nice hiking trail or plan a camping weekend for the spring. 

It’s been a burning inside me. And like I said, practicality adds to the fire and says “there’s no way with everything going on that you’ll ever have a time for a little solitary outing in nature.” 😌

But, the snow is melted today and the Lord aligned all the stars to bless me with a little “outing” today. 

We were driving to the job site today and there was a beautiful fog all around! I just soaked up all the beauty! ❤️ And I even managed to take a picture while we were driving. Tyrel knew I wouldn’t get my window rolled down in time, so he slowed down for me. ☺️

Then, a car passed us that had Arkansas license plates. And yes, they are known to be fast drivers in AR and this person was zipping along as well. Oddly enough, I had a strange connection to that car... it brought me back to Missouri for a few seconds. ☺️

So two years ago (this Easter Sunday) I took a backpacking trip in Arkansas with a good friend from church. We accidentally planned it over Easter weekend (oopsie), but it was the only weekend that worked for both of us. That was my first time (and long anticipated) backpacking trip. Needless to say it was amazing... and I think back to it often, wondering when I’ll do it again.

But back to reality....
We got to the job this morning, and I stepped out of the truck hearing a babbling stream running down the mountain side! 💗 The weather was surprisingly warm (for West Virginia!), and we were in woods that seemed just like the fond memories I carry of that backpacking trip in Arkansas. Only... it’s actually prettier here than that weekend in the Ozarks! There’s more green here with the moss, occasional evergreen tree, and the mountain laurel.  😍

I’ve been learning to be grateful for these opportunities to come to work with Tyrel and enjoy the little “hikes” I get in this beautiful mountain land! Somehow in my head it’s not quite been the same as hiking a long distance to find the reward of a beautiful stream or waterfall. So I’m trying to learn to think about it differently. And even though we drove here and all we had to do was walk through a gate, and even though I’m carrying around a chain saw and not my backpacking pack... I’m still getting to enjoy the beautiful landscape and new sights! ☺️

And today I feel so thankful for alllllllllllllll of that! But mostly for a new outlook on life!

Styling my new hat that I embroidered last night! 💪🏼 I was so glad to learn that my 4”x4” embroidery hoop would work with hats! 😄😄 So now we shall all be decked out with “Beverage Farm” gear! ☺️

Later, I realized that you couldn’t see the hat in those pics, duh. So here you go! :)


20 March 2018

What on Earth am I Here For?

"The easiest way to discover the purpose of an invention is to ask the creator for it. The same is true for discovering your life's purpose: Ask God."

Since Thursday, I've been filling in for a friend to stay with an elderly man from the community.
I go in at 7:30 -- make his breakfast... do any house work or just sit and/or give him conversation until time to get his mail and have lunch together. Around 1pm I can go home for a few hours, then come back for 2 hours to make his supper... then I get to bring the rest of the food home to feed my husband supper. 
Far from it. 
In fact, when I told my sister in Oklahoma what I was doing, I could hear her eyes get wide over the phone as I told her how little I was paid to break up my whole day to spend 7-8 hours over there.

I was not necessarily enjoying my time "having" to stay with him, especially on a Saturday. But Tyrel reminded me why I'm there. So yesterday, I made it a point that "It was a good day to have a GOOD day!" ;) And I even told the man that... In all his 95 years, he had never heard anyone say it quite like that. ;)

But, I started reading a book today -- a 40 day journey -- that was a good reminder again as to why I'm doing this. 

"You were made for God, not vice versa, and life is about letting God use you for his purposes, not using him for your own purposes."

It is really amazing to think that the only real reason I should be doing what I'm doing (or the only one that matters!) is so that the soul of this elderly man can make it into Heaven.
Yes, I do have a way of obligating myself without knowing what I'm getting into. ;) So it's good to know that whatever my job may end up being... I have a purpose to be there!

I've also been struggling hard to find that place in my marriage as well. I'm so easily discontent with... well just about anything! If I don't get to spend the day with Tyrel, or if I do. If I get some alone time in the evening, or if I should be doing something else.
It seems as if I'm not bogged down by the "should-be's" of what I can't be doing right then to be the perfect wife, then I'm frazzled and not joyful because I actually get to be doing those things and then it's a "chore", or I can can be upset and depressed that I'm "left-out"... You name it! I feel like just when I get the victory over one, another one comes knocking at the door. 

The first step in solving a problem is recognizing it though -- so maybe I'll get there! ;)

So back to the book I'm reading... all of those quotes have come from "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren that Alyssa picked up for me at the library. I'm excited to follow the 40 day journey and apply it to my life.

I know this book can do nothing... except that God helps me apply the principles and scriptures to my life. And the biggest step is consecrating our self and desires to His greater purpose.

The pictures are all from this man's house I've been cooking at. He doesn't have wifi, so I've challenged myself to use his deceased wife's cookbooks. It's been fun to look through the many recipes for pickles she had and imagine the days when she had a large garden outside and her journey to find the perfect pickle recipe. ;)

To be honest, before I got married, I had a dream of interacting with the elderly here in this community to hear their "stories". My dream came alive in a different way than I expected, and it's not like I hear a history book everyday, but in a slow but sure way, I've experienced a lot, and it's fun if I make it fun! ;D


18 March 2018

Snow Days and Ducks

We still have a little bit of snow left over from this weeks' 14 inches or so. I didn't measure, because I like to pretend that I don't care enough to know, so I borrowed that measurement from several other people. ;)

Summer and I hung out with Gweny the first day it snowed... :) 

My favorite view of the valley... especially in the snow!

Tuesday, we were out in the field burning brush and tagging calves with Jake, so I got some pictures of Summer with her horses. <3

Then next day was truck hood sledding behind four wheelers with a big snow ramp involved followed by some wonderful potato soup, cookies, and snow-cream made by my mother in law. :)

Thursday, while in town, we got three little ducklings. <3

Skip to Saturday... Brent met the ducklings!! :)

my tulips in my greenhouse! :D