13 December 2017

December happenings :)

Friends cut other friends hair... Hehe!

I wuv Christmas decorations!! Especially in our cabin-style house! 

Brent and Zane... :) I babysat them on Alyssa's Birthday. :)

Christmas party at Sis. Yvonne's

At first, Tyrel was a little annoyed that I made him dress festive... but as more people walked in...

Awwww! Frosty! 
Yeah, he didn't feel as bad once there were more people dressed up ;)

A game of putting objects in order... each object represents one of the things in the 12 days of Christmas.

Thank goodness for Grandad's suspenders!!! 😁😱

Birthday party dinner for Tyrel

The manger for a HUGE 21 piece manger scene that was handpainted by Mawmaw's neighbor in 1985... it's beautiful!!


12 December 2017

Fall is passed and we've had a little bit of snowfall here with more to come soon!
This season included two photo shoots, apple picking, a new post driver for fence jobs, and getting to see Heather on Thanksgiving :D

Those dogs are sweet, but I've never seen a baby so relaxed about being sat down between two dogs ;)

And here is the fateful moment that I lost my remote for my camera! D: The guys were kind and climbed the hill to look for it to no avail...

Grandad and Gimpy :)

Thanksgiving morning preparations... 
grilled deer tenderloin, cranberry salad, and pumpkin pies :)

Oh yeah, and whipped topping! :)

Heifferrrr!! It was so good to have her over!

We took their pictures that evening in a beautiful field. I won't show many until she uses them for Christmas ;)

Kevin wanted a picture with the plane ;) He's taking lessons and had just flown in here on this grass landing strip right before we took the pictures here. :)


12 October 2017

I'm pretty sure we got our wedding photos right after I blogged about being excited to see them! ;) Yay! I can't say anything but good for our photographers, Hal and Stacey Robertson of SWMO! I was so happy to get them back so soon! And of course, I love them!

Anyway, I have some frames to fill and hang in our hallway, so I picked some pictures to get printed and I thought I would share them with you all. I imagine I'll share more on the blog here later, but today I have a goal of making the perfect biscuit and have a few recipes to test out. ;)


09 October 2017

A Week in Squares

I'm out in the shop being tool-grabber for Tyrel this afternoon as he is finishing  putting his transmission in. :) So I have some time to share some pictures from last week.

Last Monday I realized I was taking quite a few pictures on my iPhone cropped square... so I made it a point to take pictures in a square throughout the rest of the week. ;) 

I was wanting some fall decorations, so I took some leaves that had just fallen and sprayed them with glossy acrylic sealer to preserve them. I have been surprised how well it has preserved them from browning and getting "crunchy". ;)

I went to visit Alyssa for a while and took our dog and the boys for a walk.

We found some apples...

And she has an apple slicer she let me use so I could dehydrate them :)

I've never been someone to let the dogs ride in the car like this, but I guess that's one thing getting married to a farmer has started to change about me. You marry a farmer and you practically marry dirt and grease along with him... ;)
And of course when the dog is your own... 😍 then it's a different story.

Hauling corn... :)

Trucking along behind a motorcycle...

I waked all over the mountain side practically the whole day while Tyrel brush hogged... the dogs sure loved it too. ☺️

The fall colors weren't so amazing on the mountain we were on, but looking across to the other mountains was beautiful!

Heading down the mountain to the truck at sunset was so breathtaking :)

I rode along on Friday up to some land to bring in cows for the winter... it was a whole eye opener for this city girl. 😜

Pretty things ❤️

On Saturday, Summer and I got to work with Tyrel fixing the water gap and finishing a fence we had started earlier. :)

And that brings us to today... :)