26 May 2017

Save the Date

The day for our wedding seems to be coming soooo quickly when I think of all the things that still need to get done around here. But thinking of that same time frame in regards to how long we still have to wait to get married?! Then I'm kinda like "😒🙄😫😫" Hehe 😬
This morning, I was struggling with the waiting part a little extra much... sitting on the floor partly doing laundry, kinda laying over and dozing at times, but also praying and listening some to some piano hymns. 😝 All of a sudden a song came on where there was actual singing, and it was talking about how God already sees the rainbow in any situation we are in. I don't think of "having to wait" like this so much as a spiritual trial or battle, so I kinda dismissed the encouragement I should have gathered from the song.
I'm thankful the Lord didn't give up... He sent me another song that not only has helped me accept waiting, but now I want to embrace the challenge of waiting with a smile on my face. ☺️ 

I love listening to old musical throw-backs too, and this song totally has that weird dreamy vibe... lol

I think my mom has been trying to tell me this already... :P
I'm sorry, momma, that it sometimes takes me a while to "get" what you're trying to tell me.

In the meantime, I've made a video of the last 10 wonderful months with Tyrel.
 Click here for the video.
And I almost cried as I was making it... So many memories just flooded over me!

We started out dating at Monark National Chrurch Camp in July.
Followed by a week of doing hay in September. 😅
Then we were together for several weddings between September and December.
Tyrel came and visited for my birthday/his birthday/Christmas in December.
We were together for a short while in WV and got engaged on February 1st.
A few days before Tyrel came to visit in March, he sent me a link to a house that was for sale... 😍
I went out to WV to meet my new nephew, Zane, and while I was out there we closed on the house April 26th. 😱😍
And most recently, we saw each other last weekend in Kentucky for his cousin's graduation... 👍🏼

Now, we are anticipating the meeting in West Virginia and MONARK!!! 😅
I'm so so so excited I won't be working during Monark this year. Now we can enjoy alllll the  services together! ☺️
After Monark until our wedding is going to be the longest month and a half ever, but hey... I've gotta remember that this is my chance to be a "little flower" that doesn't worry when the rain comes. Let it rain, let it rain, let it pour!  😁😉

This awesome bridesmaid took the pictures for us... (thank you so much, Summer!!!)
So afterwards we scrunched together for a picture. 😍

Have a bubbly weekend, everyone!!

08 May 2017

My family just got done reviewing our huge list of things to do around the house before the wedding. I love projects! Yes, they can overwhelm me at points, but give me a ginormous list of things that I'll never be able to complete to organize my time between and I'm most happy. (Okay, I'm being slightly salty about allllll we have to 😱 but I think we're gonna make it and get married anyway 😄)

So this whole week has been filled with wedding projects and cleaning up our yard from flooding. But even all this work can't keep my mind off of last week!! I was in WV and I filled up my time with anything I could to hang out with Tyrel in his work. He's extremely busy which means enjoyed it immensely. I kinda just want to be there all the more for all the busyness! 😭😝

I know it's so cliche, but please let me be in two places at once and finish all these wedding projects and be with Tyrel to do any little thing I can do... please?!?! 😁

His bees came in while I was there and so we got to set them up at our place after church on Sunday.

On Tuesday, my dad graciously accompanied us to go build fence. ☺️

Uh-oh... Hehe, Tyrel stuck me on the tractor. 😝 I'm always a little apprehensive to do something like that, so I always ask him a million and one times first, "Are you suuuurrre you really want me to drive?" Really all I'm saying is, "I'm going to mess up and make a fool of myself, please don't laugh too hard!!!" 😂😂 Needless to say, it was extremely cool to learn, and I had the most wonderful day!

When we were heading back down the hill to go home, Daddy took me by a little waterfall he had heard while we were working. 😊


I stayed home with Alyssa and the boys on Thursday and Friday. 😚
We closed on our place Wednesday, and I hadn't had an opportunity to see the inside in person yet, so I packed up Brent and we took a nice long walk to our new place. 😍 He got to explore the garden and green house and toddle through the rows of strawberries. Then we walked through the house together, and things finally started sinking in... "We have a house! This is where we're going to live! I'm moving up here!!" 😅

Brent loves to pat and give slobbery kisses to baby brother Zane. ☺️

Handsome little chunk!

This picture is from a little session Alyssa took of Zane outside on Saturday as I spent my last day with Tyrel... 😭


10 April 2017


All during work today I was a little distraught, dispirited, and restless.

I got home and decided to be weird... and do things the way I never do them just to distract myself from missing Tyrel and all my family up in West Virginia. 

I washed my car... in my work clothes 😁 
And yep, I sat on the ground in the messy puddle of water and scrubbed that car all over!
I didn't worry about getting soaked or becoming a wet, sloppy magnet to all sorts of dirt and stuff. Lol!
That's one for the books since I can't stand being dirty... 😁🙄 I know, I know... I've got a lot to change and learn if I plan to do any farming with Tyrel. 😂 He worries about that part of me... 😝
(It's a mind over matter thing for me though, so I'm not worried... Hehe)

 I took a shower after all that though of course 🙊🙈

While I was waiting on some laundry to switch out before I went back outside, I made myself a very very different supper, to say the least.

My parents left me like nooooo food in the fridge... 😏 But I found some plain greek yogurt and dolloped it out all fancy-like and covered it with leftover strawberry filling (<-- from the cakes I've been making to test out for the wedding. 😋)

I was going to till the garden... because I really need to get the flowers planted really really soon. 😏 But there was a humongous pile of brush that needed to be burned first. **crackle, pop, ahhhhh** 

A lot of my problem at work today was a lack of patience... waiting for the big day 😁
So I started a wedding project to test my patience further. 😭
But it actually worked great to distract me, because... well... untangling and stringing lights is like the most intense thing ever. 😳

And if anyone wonders how the wedding stuff is going...? Well I've been working on it as if it was 2 months away, because if I get it all done and ready then we can get married earlier, right?! 🤔😁😂

I'm most relieved that I found the photographers I want! I couldn't be more happy and relieved to have that one out of the way!


25 March 2017

Sometimes I wonder what it's like working in the kitchen at a restaurant, being a flight attendant, or even the local cop in town... 🤔

Maybe I need to read more books and expand my horizons some more... but why not just stick your foot in the door and try it for yourself? 

Last night, I got off work and headed over to Edna, Kansas to a little restaurant my cousin works at called "Dalton's Stakeout". This was their first night on their new summer hours of being open until 9pm on Fridays, and most of them (including my cousin Mecia) had been there since 6 that morning.

I really enjoyed getting to work alongside Mecia doing odds and ends, watching the orders come in, and trying to process in my mind what you do first when you get an order. ;) 

Dalton, the owner, is a single lady in her thirties, and for the little time I was around her, I gathered that she was just super relaxed about everything. I was little notes on the fridge about a little inside joke they have with calling everything just "weird" ;) She seems like a super cool lady to work for :)

By 8:30, things were slowing down, and one of the girls made an Italian Cream Soda for us... that was delicious!

Then Dalton's family and everyone who came to help for the day sat around to relax... finally.

Mecia and I went to town the next morning and picked up some of Braums new flavors of ice cream for company they were having later...

Walking around in Braums had me craving allllll sorts of random stuff, but I finally settled on a pre-mixed Asian salad. It was so good 😍

Me-cia-ching! I loved spending the day with her :)

We had smoked cream cheese, and four flavors of ice cream to try...  😊

Then we all zoomed off to a celebration for my great Aunt and Uncle's 50th wedding Anniversary.

And now I get to do laundry :D 


Have a wonderful weekend! 


24 March 2017

It's already mowing and weed eating season!!! :D
And I just love the look of a fresh cut lawn. :)
As I pulled up to the house on lunch today I looked across the lawn up to the new picketing Tyrel and Daddy just put on the deck... and it was all looking so nice  ☺️

Tyrel was here last week and brought the cutest little teddy bear of a puppy with him. It's supposed to be "ours" now... but of course it had to go back home with Tyrel, so I've been missing the little snuggly cuddles. 

Most of the week was filled with work, meal time and family time... But we had some wonderful times going out to town and sitting around the campfire on a warmer night ☺️


11 March 2017

Mmmm! It felt so good to have a weekend free of events and free of a trip to town! 😄
At our house, ever since we were little, we would turn on the Christian radio drama stories from 8-10 on Saturday mornings and do our weekly house work. ☺️
I haven't listened to those good old stories like "Ranger Bill" in several years, but I turned them on this morning and did some housework. ☺️

Then I began filing away 500 of my "free prints" from Shutterfly from all of last year's trips and times with friends and family. 😁

I also snuck outside to the garage for a bit to sand on this old door that's been in the works since the fall 😜 I feel like my sinuses are packed full of sawdust now, though 😷

But then my favorite part of the day... I sat down in the evening and did a little wood burning for some decorations for our wedding... 😊😉