11 September 2014

New Best Friend

Sunday was a little eventful for me. I had a family session scheduled for 3pm and at 1:30pm I realized that both of my batteries were completely dead. Good goin'! I knew that I should have charged them, I was just a little busy and let it slide. So I hung out at McDonalds for another hour and plugged one battery in, hoping it would charge enough to make it through the session.
When I was down to the last minute and HAD to leave so I would be on time for the session... I put my battery in my camera and it showed 75% full. "Whew! Thank goodness!" 

When I got to the location and met the family, the first person I really met was little Miss. Olivia. She quickly wanted to know who I was and what I was doing; she got excited when I said I would be with her for a while to take her pictures. ;)

Yep, she's my "new best friend"
Or at least I am hers. 
That's what she kept calling me at the end of the session.
Awww... :)

After the session, I went back on the trail some more to explore. And all of a sudden... "Well, hello Mr. Bunny!"

I'm sorry... but I guess I've become a little bit of a let's-take-a-picture-of-myself-here because it-looks-really-cool-and-there's-no-one-else-to-take-a-picture-of. I find it quite challenging and fun (maybe challenging and frustrating though, because they hardly ever turn out) 
Btw, isn't that just an enchanting, wonderful, winding path?

Right now, though...
 I'm relieved to have my first speech/video assignment out of the way.
I'm excited for a little getaway weekend with my friends.
And... I'm about to burst because of the iPhone6/6+ announcement!
Let me know in the comments what color I should get.
I really can't decide between space gray or silver. I keep going back to silver, though. Probably silver. Ooorrr... I might just do "eenie meenie miney moe" because I've been considering it for a long time and still can't decide. Lol *such a life-changing decision!* ;P
It's just a color!

05 September 2014

It's perfect...

Well, yes the couple is perfect. But I'm mostly talking about my life right now... it's a perfect mess. 

Haha, okay I'm really being sarcastic, but seriously... doing homework until 3am, waking up at 8am and doing more homework, then going to work, and editing/posting photos in my down time? 
Really, for some reason I don't question my choice to continue going to school. Actually, I have a calm peace about it... only the Lord knows. But why, when I am busiest of all, do I have people left and right asking me for sessions? And I'm not going to turn them down! I guess I can say that it's just not exactly what I would have planned. But it's still perfect.
I am currently booked out the next 6 weeks with one this Sunday and wedding photos to edit on top of it all. Hmm... I know I can do it, but it's getting a little interesting around here.
Let's just stop there before I start spilling out my shocking list of things to do over the course of the next month.


04 September 2014

Lead Me to the Rock

From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I (Psalm 61:2)

Okay, now that verse is probably going to be my "theme verse" for the next 8 months. 
Sometimes I just get so overwhelmed about everything that I don't even know where to start or what to try to do first. 

And appropriately, the pictures I have on the post are from our hike around Grand Gulf State Park from after the Myrtle camp meeting. 
You'll see how it ties to "the rock" theme in a bit... ;)

"Zippity doo dah, zippity aye, me oh my what a wonderful day!"
We were all skipping along... we started out the hike very energetically!


We came upon quite a few caves that we could walk through.

We started to explore this cave a little more, but we had to turn around because it was so muddy. *phooey!*

But... we found something else of interest!

So the first thing Darren did was take a selfie while Drew was twirling a branch around in the air behind him... Then they all climbed out there and just owned it. Except for me of course, the photographer :P

Have a Tarzan kind of a day! You can do it!


02 September 2014

Kaitlin and Nick

This sibling session was a surprise birthday gift for Kaitlin's mom... who was actually away on vacation in Mexico at the time we took them.
It was kind of ironic, because their mom hadn't been able to call them much, but of course she called while we were taking pictures. Haha! So they just didn't mention anything about what they were currently doing :P


29 August 2014

This August Week

Well, hello there! What a hectic week. It feels like it's been a month! I've worked nearly 40 hours, tried to edit photos from the session last friday, completed the coursework for 5 online classes this week, and I'm still half-way sane. This evening after coming home from a busy day at work, though, I might have blown a little and pounded on the stairs with my fists when after realizing my lens rental wasn't waiting for me. I know, very carnal, MarLeah... I'm working on that issue. Okay, and maybe I yelled in frustration a little, too, but no one was home... 
On my way to the wedding rehearsal I just had to stop and pick up the rentals at the shipping location. It's so nice to be working with the 6D and the 70-200mm f/2.8 again. 
Now I'm trying to gain some sanity and finish editing some photos. I've always wanted to make a stake-out at Starbucks and edit. It's just so perfect. So I was really going in to town for something else, but I impulsively swung in and got a chia spiced latte and set up camp.

Hopefully, I'll make some time to hop on here again after the wedding and post a few

19 August 2014

Sensory Triggers

This is just a rhetorical question, but does anyone else get really vivid emotional senses when you hear a song that ties back to the first time you heard it? Or maybe just back to the time in your life when you listened to it a lot? I was just listening to music and doing homework when a song came on that was just an absolute favorite of mine several months ago. I used to listen to it quite a bit, but today was practically my first time to hear it since that time. It was the weirdest thing, but I had to skip the song because it started to give me sensory overload as it seemed to be filling my brain all the emotions and feelings from a few months ago. Not that the emotions from that time were necessarily negative or anything, but it was just such an overload that I couldn't bear it. Which brings another question to my mind: Do our emotions really change that much within a few months. Not just the "everyday up and down emotions", but more like our emotional make-up of who we are. Well I would guess so, since we are ever maturing as we experience life. Hm.
Anyway, it was quite an interesting feeling that washed over me when I started to hear and recognize the song. I've actually had it happen before with music -- when I heard a classical song again that my Kindergarten teacher would play every day during nap time, but it normally happens to me with the changing of the seasons or when a summer day feels like fall, etc. 
But one other thing... it also happens to me when I think back over little adventures I've had. Typically, they are ones that I've had by myself because there is a heightened sense of thrill with it.
Which leads me to Sunday. I was at home by myself, so after church I just went to the park to take more pictures for the about me page... that you all will be tired of hearing about and never seeing ;P Haha, well, I'll include one today.
But, here's the little spot I found that quickly became my favorite.

I had to set my tripod in the middle of the stream to get the angle of the bridge. Thank goodness for slow currents ;)

Can you spot the remote? ;) Normally, I was able to get the remote hid before it actually took the shot, but "oops! Not that time." ;P

It's been a while since I've done macro. And I kind of realized why... if the wind is blowing the slightest bit, it is so challenging to nail the focus. So I just put it on continuous and fire 30 photos for each composition... just kidding... though that might be close.

It was so cool that the berries were different colors!

Well, I have survived my first day of online classes. Ha! Which is really nothing yet, except realizing how stinking busy I'm going to be with it all. But I know that the same determination I had to NOT go to college anymore will be the same stubborn determination that will keep me going and help me make it through the next few semesters. So I'm not all that worried about it. But when I was reading through all of the syllabuses for my classes, I kind of shook my head at myself, laughed, and thought "Boy! I've really made the plunge now!" One example: I have to video myself making speeches with a 5-12 person audience. I'm not sure where I'm going to find that audience... Haha, won't this be fun?!