12 October 2017

I'm pretty sure we got our wedding photos right after I blogged about being excited to see them! ;) Yay! I can't say anything but good for our photographers, Hal and Stacey Robertson of SWMO! I was so happy to get them back so soon! And of course, I love them!

Anyway, I have some frames to fill and hang in our hallway, so I picked some pictures to get printed and I thought I would share them with you all. I imagine I'll share more on the blog here later, but today I have a goal of making the perfect biscuit and have a few recipes to test out. ;)


09 October 2017

A Week in Squares

I'm out in the shop being tool-grabber for Tyrel this afternoon as he is finishing  putting his transmission in. :) So I have some time to share some pictures from last week.

Last Monday I realized I was taking quite a few pictures on my iPhone cropped square... so I made it a point to take pictures in a square throughout the rest of the week. ;) 

I was wanting some fall decorations, so I took some leaves that had just fallen and sprayed them with glossy acrylic sealer to preserve them. I have been surprised how well it has preserved them from browning and getting "crunchy". ;)

I went to visit Alyssa for a while and took our dog and the boys for a walk.

We found some apples...

And she has an apple slicer she let me use so I could dehydrate them :)

I've never been someone to let the dogs ride in the car like this, but I guess that's one thing getting married to a farmer has started to change about me. You marry a farmer and you practically marry dirt and grease along with him... ;)
And of course when the dog is your own... 😍 then it's a different story.

Hauling corn... :)

Trucking along behind a motorcycle...

I waked all over the mountain side practically the whole day while Tyrel brush hogged... the dogs sure loved it too. ☺️

The fall colors weren't so amazing on the mountain we were on, but looking across to the other mountains was beautiful!

Heading down the mountain to the truck at sunset was so breathtaking :)

I rode along on Friday up to some land to bring in cows for the winter... it was a whole eye opener for this city girl. 😜

Pretty things ❤️

On Saturday, Summer and I got to work with Tyrel fixing the water gap and finishing a fence we had started earlier. :)

And that brings us to today... :)



02 October 2017

4 things I'm excited for right now...

1. To get our wedding pictures back -
I was trying to not get anxious about them, but since they said the pictures are almost done... I'm getting super duper ready to see them!

2. To start working in the greenhouse -
I am missing plants so bad! I know it's practically winter here already, but I'm anxious to try something like lettuce in the greenhouse even if I don't get a single thing to grow... I'm so ready to try! Plus, I need to cut back the strawberry rows and get them ready for winter :)

3. To see our videos from skydiving -
We had a change of plans on our honeymoon because of the hurricane in Florida, but one thing we still did on our honeymoon was skydiving. It was the best feeling ever. I think we both surprised ourselves and were pretty calm about it, and certainly all smiles afterwards!

4. For this day - 
I've got a lot on the agenda today while Tyrel is working. I hope to trim the strawberries, finish pulling weeds in the greenhouse, finish putting away my clothes and decorate my "clothes room". Yeah, I have a whole room dedicated to my clothes... 😏 I should really probably do something about that ...maybe.
Then I have some zucchini bread to make, some onions to chop and freeze, and the whole fridge to go through and organize. I didn't realize how much of a "mom" I would turn into when it came to leftovers and the fridge. Makes me feel so "responsible" haha. ;P

But for now I'll share some pictures of what we did Saturday.

The Roadkill Festival was going on not far from some land Keith and Tyrel were going to re-build a cattle shoot on, so we went there in the morning. :)

We didn't end up trying any of the "roadkill" food... but we bought lots of good food from other vendors. The people we bought our house from had a stand with their maple syrup and maple cotton candy, maple balsamic vinaigrette... mmm... good stuff!

And we watched the Clevengers in the horseshoe tournament :)

Summer is the cow whisperer ;D

All the cows gathered around ;) Such pretty things! 

Tyrel found us a mouse that we played with for a while ;)

All done :)