04 October 2016

The Slow Lane

I have a hard time not "going and doing", yet people who know me well, have heard me often complain about always being gone to some event and never home.
My car put me in the slow lane this weekend and wouldn't let me go anywhere. I wanted to go visit some of my best friends down in Oklahoma to camp out over the weekend and attend a cozy little tent meeting (those are always the best in the fall!!) But instead, I came home from work on Saturday at noon and did absolutely nothing. Well, maybe something. I mean, I did take a nap out on the patio. And I did read quite a few posts of Karissa's blog. I also just sat there musing for a long time and read the bible some. I let our awkwardly clumsy "teenage" kitty-cats crawl all over me. I listened to vehicles passing by on the road. (Actually, I didn't necessarily notice the road noise, until I heard some loud trucks that reminded me of riding in the dump truck with Tyrel...❤️ I tell ya life is never going to be the same!)

Oh, and I did cut up some fruit to eat during the 3-4 hours I spent outside doing nothing. :) Simple, yummy food :)

Finallyyyyy... I decided to go make myself productive and put the last and final coat of Polyurethane on the trim around the windows of what will soon be my bedroom.
I took off the protective plastic from the window seat that was already done, and had to clean up, sand, and stain a few little areas to get it all finished out. 

This isn't the best picture of it, and it sure doesn't do justice to the months that my mom and I have spent on it. Mostly the hours and hours my mom spent scraping the old layers of paint off the intricate woodwork. I'm so thankful for my mom who has that determination and drive to finish such a dauntingly long project!

And with that project being completed, that wrapped up the end of my lovely little "easy-going" Saturday.