04 November 2016

New Favorite Video!!

I'm not exactly sure what season it is right now... It looks like fall, but feels like spring and sometimes even hot and humid summer.  🤔 Yesterday we actually had some weather that wasn't necessarily  chilly... but it was wet and drizzly. 😍  There's something about a dreary day that makes me extraordinarily "un-dreary"! ;) So I decided to walk home for lunch instead of drive so I could soak in the fall day all the way, and I came home feeling complete! Completely happy...and maybe completely wet too... 🤔😉

Another thing that makes me completely happy... 
is a video I finished yesterday! 
Every time I make a video and upload it to YouTube, I end up re-watching it like a million times because of the memories it brings back! I just might even make up half of the views on my own videos. ;P ;) Well on this video, I'm sure I'll make up at least a good 75%-99% of the views! ;) Hehe! It's a flashback to the first week of September that I spent in West Virginia with Tyrel...<3 I absolutely cherish my memories from that week!
Life is wonderful...! and if your life isn't wonderful, look to God the author and finisher!
But life can also make your heart want to bust at the seams with happiness...! and if your heart doesn't feel that way, then ask the Lord to bless you with a soul-mate! :) ;)

Click on this link to watch the video... "Week in WV"

Happy weekend my lovelies!! :)