29 January 2015


Burlington Northern Santa Fe :)
First of all, I find it a little cool that it was the same railroad company runs through town that my Grandpa worked for - the Grandpa I never met in person... :'(

I've been looking up the schedule for the BNSF to see when it will run through town so I can finally catch the video (and hopefully a picture, as well) of the train running over my GoPro.
I will actually be on a "media fast" with all the girls at church for the next week, so I probably won't post anything about it until another week (bad timing :P)

As I mentioned in a previous post though, I have already tried to capture the train thundering over the tracks once before. And the real reason I decided to get up and do this was because of the amazing fog. So I got some shots while I was setting up the GoPro.

There's my little GoPro down there...

And then I waited and waited, and took some pictures of the frost and waited some more...

And yes, my GoPro was under there during the time this picture was taken.

So here's to wishing I can finally capture this little dream of mine this weekend!!


18 January 2015


I did my first photo shoot of a newborn this afternoon! I am happy with the way it went and I know that I got everything my client expected and more. Though I obviously wish everything could have gone smoother and that the baby wouldn't cry once... Who am I kidding?! 
Anyway, after the shoot, my sister wanted to do some grocery shopping at Sprouts... So I did a little iPhoneography while she shopped around and ended up finding some stuff for myself. (Basically, for those who don't know, Sprouts is a grocery store that carries organic produce and other food along that nature) 

No, I did not place the green one there for the picture! Hahaha! It was already there...

Too bad you can only buy one, though! ;P

Boy! Did these bright things catch my attention :) I can't wait for spring now! As if I ever wanted it to turn winter in the first place.

Some special sister in West Virginia is going to get these when we go out to visit in March... ;) 

Oooo! Gelato!

So... I'm going gluten free. I've known I needed to do it for a while since I'm semi-allergic. But I've never been so excited to do it! And I found that it really won't be all that hard to do since the main thing I have to steer clear of is wheat, and our family often uses wheat alternatives anyway. So here I go on another adventure. At least it's not as drastic as the vow I made one year to not buy any clothes at all for the whole year just to see if I could do it (I did it successfully, btw). Oh I'm such a stubborn old mule ;)


17 January 2015

This Evening

It all started with me telling my cousin how lame he was. Until he said they were going to ride their 4-Wheeler. I said I would be over in 20 minutes! Lol. So I actually went over there and we had a little fun with the GoPro. ;)

So the object lesson here is to tell people that they aren't doing anything exciting. They will get defensive and tell you all their fun plans. And then you can just invited yourself over. ;)

Haha, probably my favorite picture from the whole evening :) Gotta love a good sunset!

So we have a video to make out of all of this... Look for it soon :)


16 January 2015

Fridays are for Melodies

Lately I've been thinking about how I used to play the Baritone. I was pretty good at it, but since I'm not going to ever probably play it again in my life, I really need to pick up another instrument. So, two choices... the guitar or the piano. Since we already have those in our house. Technically, I could also choose the cello since my dad has one of those too, but I think I'll pass. ;) *screech screech*

I have always been a person of order and schedules. That's the only way I can ever really feel productive. So to get on a schedule and get something done about this I've decided that Thursdays and Fridays are my days to learn music. The guitar, the piano, or both. We'll see. Monday is laundry, Tuesday is running and Saturday is photography, btw. ;) And everyday is for going to bed a little earlier... ekk, I'm so bad about that! D:

And this Sunday is for a newborn session! :) Excited!


14 January 2015

A West Virginia Christmas

Yo! So I uploaded another video!
It is all about West Virginia, with some pretty cool GoPro clips ranging from family time to skiing and the flight home (yes, I have an epic skiing fail in there as welll......) ;)

It just might be a little humorous at times, serious at others, and have a very sappy ending. ;P
So go watch it.... :)

...on YouTube... by clicking the link below!


13 January 2015

Pack Your Bags

Well, I am once again packing up my ski gear for a trip to West Virginia. 
I had been planning to go to Alyssa's house in February long before my family decided to travel up there for Christmas. So it would be terribly disappointing to cancel the trip I had been anticipating so much, just because we had already gone! ;) 
Turns out, I told my cousin to come with me, and he decided to to just that! So I think we're going to make a fun little duo... and I expect that he will leave WV with a new addiction to skiing. :)


06 January 2015

Evening Drive and Tea

It's interesting when I go back through old photos on my hard-drives.
This time I was needing to edit some of the rehearsal pictures for a wedding. The bride asked me for them after the fact. So as I was digging around I found some pictures I took on the same day after the rehearsal. Here again, these photos were taken with the 35mm f/1.4. They really aren't anything extraordinary, but gracious, let's just say I'm missing that lens again!

Just some drive-by pictures with the 35mm.

Then a stop in at Starbucks for a tea and some quiet time before the wedding the next day. :)