31 January 2014

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning, a photo by MarLeah Joy on Flickr.
I believe in my post yesterday I said something about going rock climbing or sky diving...? Right. Well, I had a clue at the time I wrote the post that I might actually be doing something exciting this weekend...
It all started with a little phone call to my mom yesterday morning, asking my whole family infact to travel up to Wisconsin and go skiing, ice skating, and fellowship. Of course my Dad and sister have to work, and my mom never feels like she has enough time here at home. So the invitation was still extended to me.
One small problem, folks. I have like NO money at all. I am now living the phrase that I used to hear all the time: "When you don't have a job, you have all the time to go anywhere you want, but no money. When you have a job, you have all the money to go anywhere you want, but no time."
I have applied to soooo many places, but to no avail. I really want a job to give me a kick start in photography. But God hasn't seen fit to allow me to get a job yet. Sometimes, that can be pretty discouraging and annoying when I know it's a "good thing" (to desire to have a job), and yet God is not giving it to me.
But I am learning "Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." (Philippians 4:11)
And right now if God is seeing fit to allow me to fulfill other dreams in my life (like traveling, skiing, having time for photography), why should I worry and fret!! *Duh MarLeah!!* He knows the times and seasons of my life better than my own heart. So I will trust Him.
Anyway, with all that said about my whole job/money situation, my parents were kind and gracious enough to let me go and they are paying for it. (I can never thank them enough)
I feel stupid and childish living off of my parents this way, but once again... I need to just trust God though it all.

And somehow this picture I posted actually does tie into all of this. Believe it or not. Lol
It ties into the part about me having time right now to do more with photography because I don't have a job ;) Yeah. :) So this picture was taken Sunday morning at the lake (like the one with the dog). It was a beautiful warm morning and so relaxing, and such a nice mini photography "adventure". Ha!


30 January 2014

City Tree

City Tree, a photo by MarLeah Joy on Flickr.
A short flashback to our vacation in Colorado last September. I have been digging up pictures from this year to enter into the Crowder Quill, so I have re-surfaced a few. It was really easy to find the pictures I wanted to enter in to the color photography category... but when it came to black and white, I realized that I hardly EVER use black and white. :/ Apparently, I don't really have an eye for B&W because I even had a hard time trying to convert some images over. That's okay... I love color anyway :D
Have a great week/weekend!
I'm not quite sure what this weekend has in store for me... but maybe if I get my homework done I can do something crazy exciting! You know, something like rock-climbing or sky diving. Lol ;) We'll see. :)


29 January 2014

Crazy-Eyed Cat: Bokeh Wednesdays

Alas! I worked with HTML code for maybe 30 minutes yesterday... only to discover that today's post still wasn't right. So here is for post No.2 And here is for hoping it works :D


28 January 2014

Beyond the Sunrise

Beyond the Sunrise, a photo by MarLeah Joy on Flickr.

This was our first assignment for photography... basically it could be any picture. This is a silhouette of Buster out on the lake shore. I was hoping for fog that morning, but I guess I'll have to keep checking back for that one! ;)

And this is a repost (x2 or 3 - sorry) Because I just got my template set up in flickr to match the style of the rest of my posts. *Dealing with HTML code... I could pull my hair out* D:


Sweet Baby

Sweet Baby, a photo by MarLeah Joy on Flickr.
Created using the Lensbaby Composer Pro and Edge 80 optic with Macro convertors.

24 January 2014

Time Stood Still

Time Stood Still, a photo by MarLeah Joy on Flickr.
Ah! So the blogging ban has lifted!
Yeah, well not really. I'm still not ready to be blogging again because it really does take a lot of effort (even though I enjoy it immensely).
But I will have Flickr blog on behalf of me... so every upload to Flickr will also be posted here. That way we can keep life a little more interesting here on the blog... rather than having that dumb old "I'm not blogging" message as the first thing you see one my blog! ;)
Much love!

04 January 2014

New Year

2014 Resolutions... 
You might expect me to say that I resolve to blog more frequently this year, etc.

But actually I haven't made any specific 2014 resolutions because I think that's something to do throughout the whole year.

So I'm actually stopping in to say that I won't be blogging during this semester of college {or just until further notice}. 

I'll be back to blogging later... so if you would like to be notified when "later" is ;)
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