28 March 2016

Darren and Kate {Engagement}

These two are just so fun! I got to take their engagement pictures last October and had to resist sharing them because I wanted them to be able to use them as they wanted before I went and shared them. They have been happily married for about two months now though, so I guess we're safe. ;)

We were really really running out of light. Especially by the time we made the long, treacherous hike down to the dock. So ignore the quality of these last photos and focus on the love ;) ;P


18 March 2016


Can I whine and complain about the time change!?!?! D:
I've had the hardest time this week getting adjusted to it. So I haven't been nearly as productive in the little room makeover project. But!... I've had several other things going on this week that I wouldn't trade for getting more done on the room anyway.

Wednesday I began to notice a little trend in my camera roll... I've subconsciously been taking "footies" of different things I've done this week, beginning with Saturday. So I decided to continue the trend for this week.

I've already blogged about this... But I took a hike on a local trail to get used to my backpacking pack. And I set up the hammock to relax for a while.

Putting on the first coat of paint on top of the primer.

Walking to work in a little spring wonderland.

A day spent with Katelyn and her sisters... and Marley, the puppy! :)

After attending a funeral visitation for a sweet elderly lady from church, Ranelle and I went out to eat to celebrate that she is only working one job now :) And we had some really good talks! It's been ages since we've spent quality time together.  So nice :) 

I spent the evening with my "other family" :) and Amy and I took a little stroll in the park and skipped stones in the creek. :)

Laundry in the morning. Laundry on my lunch break. And I guess I'll be doing laundry tonight. :P