11 October 2014

It's So Tiny

Yesterday I had one of the best days at work.
We had a lot of good laughs. And I think we were all just finally getting used to each other and finding our place. (We've had quite the turnover rate and we have a lot of new people working at the bank.) Anyway... wonderful day!
And then, when I was doing homework on my lunch break, I got a wonderful email that said my GoPro was delivered. :)
So I rushed home after work and tore into the box waiting for me. 

I'm already really loving the all-inclusive wide angle! 
It's kinda interesting that it actually gets your hands in the shot if you are holding the GoPro straight on the camera.

My biggest impression though is how tiny the thing really is. Well, that and along with the overwhelming amount of parts/accessories it comes with. I feel like I have 50 little pieces floating around now... all stuff to mount it somewhere to get the slightest little different angle.

 I really like the touch screen, too. I was kinda worried about it since it is such a small little screen that it would be hard to use... quite the opposite!


10 October 2014

All This Week

All this week I have felt like blogging... with no pictures to blog. But really, a lot of times I want to blog more about my life than necessarily photography. I find that even though I'm surrounded with a  multiplicity of social media outlets, none of them free up my mind and let me express myself like this lovely little blog does. :)

So you've probably noticed a new blog header... annddd... I would say "don't get used to it" because it really was just something I did in a few clicks and I'm not really loving it at all. I just was getting really annoyed every time I looked at the last eye-sore picture I had up there so I wanted to swap it up. Anyway, as I was saying, don't get used to it because it's not really what I plan to leave on the blog. However, considering my current schedule it will probably be up there for a few months. Ha! Who knows.

One thing I want to talk about is the aching need I have to be back in the photography world. Like the good ole days (insert auto trader jingle here) when I took a photo every day or at least blogged every day. I'm not saying that working full time and blogging every day is what I need to do. I'm just saying I'm missing that. So part of me is wishing that when I finally get my iPhone and maybe a GoPro that it will allow me to do that again because it won't be so time consuming as shooting on a DSLR. I mean, a DSLR does take a little more time. Just the facts of it, sadly.
Eh, well I've just been going through some really random photos and it's made me kind of miss what I used to be able to do.

Ironically, almost all of these photos tie a little bit to some things that have just been on my mind lately.

the other night I stepped outside (after just barely being home from work) 
it was dark, a little chilly, and there was the smell of a nice bonfire in the air
for a split second, I imagined that I was a different person
someone with no obligations beyond work
one who spent a little time in the slow lane, hanging out around a bonfire
eh, but first, I would have to have a group of friends to do it with
for some reason, we haven't done that much
something I wish for
oh well

it's even raining right now.
not much to say here, except I love rain and thunder
and I love the calm it brings to me

along the trail
we all know I love being on the trail
today I was on a trail, supposed to be finding a nice place to read and pray on my lunch break
it ended up I found a park bench that wasn't occupied
I sat down and tried to read... my eyes were too tired
so I laid down on the bench and looked up at the trees towering above me and tried to pray 
then I fell dead asleep and became an official hobo on a park bench for 15 minutes
kind of a vulnerable thing to do, haha, but I lived to tell the story

this was the stack of papers I had to read in training for my job
I still can't get over how God has lead me with this job and really given me the desire of my heart
I wanted to go full time, but I didn't know when it would be best
and I had some mixed feelings about it because I am still taking five classes online
but, God knew and he brought along a full time position for me
it's been really stressful at times with trying to juggle it all
one moment I can get so overwhelmed with it and just really want to scream and quit it all
but the next moment, God opens my eyes and shows me a path to make it through it every time
and it never fails to be okay at the end of each week when all my homework is submitted
I'm really not sure what I will do next semester
I know that it would be quite wise to pray about it some more 
because it is so easy for me to be blown around and just make a decision in one moment
when that decision will last me 16 looonnnggg weeks
right or wrong