28 July 2015

Monark Portraits

Guys, it feels really good to sit down and relax with my mac on my lap and to have pictures transferring from the memory card and others being edited. The last month or so, I thought I was just being a lazy person for not blogging. But, really, life has been a bit of a whirl-wind ever since I got back from Oregon. I'm so thankful for a little bit of peace and quite after Monark. Even if I have a boat-load of laundry still yet to do. :P

Every time I'm with Alyssa, it's always my goal to get some good pictures with her, but it seems to never happen. One evening at Monark we decided to just make it happen, no matter what.
Many, many thanks to Vikki Driedger from Canada for taking these pictures for me. I will treasure these for a life time!

The next evening, I did the same for Marty and Alyssa. <3

 On the last day, my granny friends and I rounded up a random person to take pictures of us. (I guess we'll forever be indebted to you, Anothony...) ;)

This picture below was the result of us all trying to pull off our granny face (where you smile a nice little gaping smile without showing your teeth, Lol!)