27 April 2015

Post Wedding Shoot

After the wedding last Saturday we headed to Billy and Julie's house where she wanted me to get a picture of Billy carrying her over the threshold of their house. We passed this field of canola on the way so we headed back there after we met the newlyweds at their house. 

Ranelle got what she calls her "signature pose" with her arms up in the air, and she got some of me too, so we were both happy! :)

(signature pose) ;)

A jump or two for finishing another wedding without too many casualties ;)


26 April 2015

I'll take it all and be Thankful!

Saturdays are still my favorites even when I have to work in the morning. 
Actually, I think I enjoy my Saturday a little more on the days that I have to work because it forces me to get up and take (what I like to consider) an easy morning drive in the bug with the sun in my face. 
Yesterday, in particular, I felt happier than a bird on the sunny drive to work in the morning. 

When I got home, we worked on stripping old wallpaper and I even got Amy to come over and help us. Before we knew it, we were outside planting okra, beans, tomatoes, etc. in our garden. 

The rest of our evening was filled with hanging out on hammocks.

Since we live in the valley, we lost all the sunlight on our roof deck. So we packed up the trusty hammock that ties up between trees and we hopped in the car to chase the sunset.

It was more of an adventure than a relaxing time, but that's always better anyway!

Me, Amy, and Kiki

They kept making me laugh with their silliness. smh. ;)

The next four pictures is a sequence of me running from the camera and tripod to the girls 

My favorite right here ^^ :) This was after we raised the hammock three times because once we got all of us in there we were nearly dragging the ground. :P

This was a little rough to get all our feet in the big boat. And I seriously felt like we were surely going to break it at this point!

We didn't sleep out here, but we wanted to so bad!! I could have just hung out there and watched the stars and nature for hours.

After the sun went down, we went back to the car and I reached for my phone... and it wasn't anywhere. So we had to take another trek through the field to find my phone even though Amy and I were both pretty banged up and Kiki complained of the scratches ;P


btw - I have like sooooo many things to post on the blog, so be expecting a lot of posts this week! 

20 April 2015

Nathan & Cara {Baby Announcement}

 I could not be more happy for these two! 
I've watched them bring three little neighbor children to church so faithfully every Sunday. It just makes my heart smile inside to see the sacrifice they already make for little children to make sure that they know about Jesus!

For those new to my blog, this couple was happily married April 26th, 2014... you can view the wedding by clicking here.

This little onesie is how Nathan found out they would be having a little one... probably the best Valentine's day present! ;)