02 May 2015

Alea {Sr 2015}

One variable that determines how successful a session will be is the location. Okay, maybe a huge variable in the scheme of things!!
I haven't even thought about our old Cole homestead for a session before, but I miraculously thought of it when I knew that Alea would have to do the session in Missouri instead of Kansas. It was such an artistic location and even had some extra props that were so appropriate for a senior (you'll understand when you see it!)

Okay, so the homestead is now surrounded by an electric fence and my Uncle's cows roam freely around it. Great! ....expect I was in the whole photo zone and backed up into a fresh cow pie! Good thing I was wearing some old kicks!

This! was back in an old open barn. A bunch of old school desks! Perfect little retro school feel. 

A beautiful mess... in my humble opinion ;)

Kendra was so awesome to have along! She held the reflector for me and provided me with snacks since I hadn't eaten a thing since noon. (A real life saver!!) ;)