27 August 2015

Top 5

This week I've been digging through my archives to find some of my all-time favorite landscape shots to let someone use in one of the church websites. 
I must say it was a very fun journey looking through old photos. :)

I gathered up about 20 landscape shots and sent them in yesterday. And today, right after I was corresponding about those images for the website, I get an email from Digital Photo about a landscape contest. I've tried contests before, and I just feel like there are so many photographers far superior. But this time I was just like "Hey! why not!?" So I quickly picked my favorite 5 from the batch and submitted them to the contest. Painless.

West Siloam Springs, OK  - May 2015

Green Bank, WV - June 2013

Mount Nebo, AR - June 2014

Lincoln City, OR - June 2015

{here's a pic of me that Heather took on my phone of me taking this pic} ;)

Colorado Springs, CO - September 2013

Where to next? :)


26 August 2015


This is one post that I had previously just given up to, "Oh I'll just never post those..."
But Alyssa asked for these pictures the other day, so I finished editing them all the way. (Actually completely re-edited them, because I hadn't even saved my earlier edits... which was probably a good thing, because I was able to start fresh)

These were taken at the Coleman Theater in Miami, Ok. It's an old theater that they are restoring and it's open for tours. I brought along my external flash and had a lot of fun placing that thing around anywhere and everywhere.

I actually had a lot of fun editing these today... I'm home right now, taking a sick day because I can hardly talk, my head feels like it's about to explode and my throat feels as rough as sandpaper.
This is actually my first day to ever take a sick day... thankfully my managers/coworkers are super understanding. And... thankfully it's hump-day; things are always slow at the bank on hump-day.

I think this one is my favorite edit... but I couldn't necessarily pick on earlier, so here are three edits.

I feel like I could have totally taken these pics on film instead of digital :)

I sincerely hope I get to feeling better,


24 August 2015


June 2015

This was on our flight from Kansas City to San Fransisco. The only reason I took this picture is so I would have something to remind me of the guy in front of me who talked non stop! What I don't get, is the lady sitting next to him didn't even try to ignore him, but chatted along about stuff that made absolutely no sense. I don't know how she did it! D:

Heather and Aunt Anita figuring out how to get to the Golden Gate bridge.

On the bus there...

And now I will excitedly show you like 20 pictures of the Golden Gate bridge from 20 different angles!!!!!! Haha! Okay, not quite that many, but if you get bored easily, just scroll fast! ;)

Heather and I spent 10 night and days straight together. We never got the slightest bit annoyed or tired of each other! Love you girl! 


22 August 2015


I like cats, and I like Saturdays.
Actually, I didn't coin that phrase... a blogger I used to follow used it a lot because she must have loved cats even more than I do. Lol! Her whole blog is pretty much devoted to her photos of cats :) Great photographer though! I honestly can't find her blog now that I mention it... so you'll just have to take my word for it :P

A portrait of me... and a portrait of my day.
Those clothes I was wearing, I only wore for like two hours. I indeed changed clothes like 4 times today. I started out this morning wearing an old hoodie, but had to change to something more presentable when Daddy said that he wanted to drop my car off this morning to get the brakes changed out. When I came home, I got busy stripping old paint off some trim downstairs, so I was in really grubby clothes. Then I was hungry and wanted to try out a gluten free pizza. Of course I wanted to take pictures of it, so I changed into something a little more presentable.
{I'll continue the chronicles of my clothes changing on down...}

I've been gluten free for about 7 months now. I'll eat gluten every now and then, just to keep my body used to it so I don't have a severe allergic reaction to it when I come in contact with it. But for all practical purposes, I don't eat wheat bread anymore.

Guess what kind of pizza dough this is....

Cauliflower! :P I really hate cauliflower in any form, but this was alright. Not the best... but alright.

Anyway, what can be too bad if you load it with cheese? :D

After eating a late lunch, I wanted to lay in the hammock a bit, so I changed into a more comfortable skirt. (What is that? Change number 4?) I did laundry and vacuumed... then, we had to go pick the garden, so I completely changed into another skirt and shirt that could get muddy. When I came back inside I was so dirty that I had to change again! :P
Anyway, it all equaled up to a perfect Saturday... so productive, but relaxing at the same time :)


P.S. an update about my job... I am indeed not moving banks to the location in my hometown. Someone who used to work there for 11 years previously applied and got the position. And honestly, when I got the news, I couldn't have been more relieved! I was getting really nervous at the thought of having to leave all my co-workers that I love so much, and having to get acquainted with new ones. Plus, I would have really missed some of the people who frequently come to the current branch that I work at. I love some of our customers so much... just as if they have always been my best friend.