24 May 2013

Honey Bees

My cousin has quite a few hives of honey bees. He recently found another nest while we were at a graduation -- anyone tired of hearing that word yet? :P (I only have one more to attend!)
He used a vacuum system to transport this hive to his house.
I love this picture of my dad! He's alway so smiley -- I love him!

23 May 2013

Light Painting

Monday, the night of a few tornado's, we planned to have my cousin's and my Grandpa over for a little family time. Of course, it was delayed because of the severe weather, but they managed to make it over to our house anyway. We had a little bit of fun doing some light painting and other effects with the flash light.

Lightening flashed in the middle of him turn, so you
see his ghostly figure.

Aww... He loves himself. ; )

 Yep, this is what we do when the power is out! : D

Oooo... there's a ghost! And it's choking Darren!
We are so stupid, but who cares! :P


22 May 2013

"Raindrops on Roses..."

Does anyone recognize that quote from the song "My Favorite Things"? : )

I've never really considered myself a "flowery" person, and sometimes I feel like, "I've seen every imaginable picture of flowers! They are so boring!"
However, it's a little different when I'm behind the camera, so bare with me if you're not one of those "flowery" people either.  ; )

Maroon Flower

Iris with water droplets

Purple Iris

Sunny Pink Flower

Chive Blossom


21 May 2013

A Graduation

That would be my younger cousin and my little friend getting ready to play in the band. : )

Thanks to all the people I was sitting with for cheering so loud for Rodney, I was able to get a good picture of his face as he walked in, haha. ; )

His speech was very memorable! He did a wonderful job of breaking through the typical and saying/singing (yes, singing!) things that really stick in people's mind! It was great... and funny! : )

He's a really great guy!


20 May 2013

Macro Converter Rings

Yesterday, I had so much fun taking pictures with my new macro converter rings that I got as a
graduation present!


My dear sister -- I can't believe she's getting married this fall!

Strawberries in sun haze

Rain drop splash

Last night I went outside and got some of the rain splashing up from the sidewalk.
Good thing my camera is waterproof! I would feel so handicapped if I had to protect
it from the rain all the time!


19 May 2013


I had a wonderful weekend, and now I'm ready to move on to another phase of life. I can't believe I'm actually excited to go to college!? ...but I am. Likely only because I hope to keep it short and sweet, learn what I need to learn, and move on!

Tonight, as we were returning from my cousin's graduation I was able to get some lightening!


I had the camera on high speed continuous, so I likely got about 200 pictures before some lightening actually struck, but I got it! :)


14 May 2013

Senior Road Painting :)

My friends that did road painting with me are all from different countries, so we all painted 
our country's flag and had a little fun.

Maria -- foreign exchange student from Spain

Jaime -- from China, but our teacher teases her about being Russian

This girl is the only reason I have survived high school! Love her! :)

Don't take it wrong... It's a very sarcastic joke from our AP English class. ;)


12 May 2013

:( Unless someone gifts me with some extra time around here...
I won't be able to blog for a while (or at least regularly like I want to).

I have a crazy, exciting week coming up with the climax being graduation
time on Saturday (actually, I'm almost more excited for the awards ceremony
on Thursday... expecting to get some more scholarship money! :D)
The day after my graduation I will be celebrating my cousin's graduation, and then
a trip to Alabama for Heather's graduation :D Yay!

I feel so negligent to the blog... but this time in my life will only come once, 
and I'm loving it so much!

Have a great May! :D

09 May 2013

Graduation Party

Last weekend was my cousin's graduation party. I was super excited when I found out that my other cousin, Heather from craftyscrapbooker, was going to be there!

We also switched lenses for a little while so the first few pictures were taken with her 50mm 1.8 lens. I love the depth!

The graduating girl!

I don't know why I seemed to take so many pictures of Darren. Maybe
it's because he was the most active :)

This was about my favorite part of the day; Heather and I got to venture out and get some pictures of us together. Oh, how I wish all of my friends lived close!

These were all taken with my lensbaby. I'm loving it more and more!


Crazy Darren decided to pass us and Nathan who was in his Grandma's car and taking it slow (we were already taking up the whole road so he took the ditch :P)