17 June 2016

Dynamics of Life

I told myself I wouldn't blog tonight, that I'd be a good person and go to bed and get some sleep. :P But blogging helps me process things...

Today was my last day with my sister and baby Brent. And I wanted nothing but to be with them all day long. This evening, we took them over to my Aunt's house tonight so they can leave bright and early in the morning to head back to West Virginia. I'll admit, I think I lost a few tears when we were having prayer before I left to head home.
Also, I'm not sure if Alyssa being out here the week before the West Virginian camp meeting has actually helped things any... I think it made me just want to sneak in the car with them and not worry about what horrible words my boss might say in the morning. :P

I drove home from Uncle Danny and Aunt Anita's house alone tonight. I was in my little white car that Uncle Danny had just fixed because the power steering line melted again... 

Anyway, I was driving with my window down, and along the way I saw these little head lights up ahead of me that unmistakably belonged to an old VW bug!! That caught my eye and made me smile! :) Of course, when it passed by me, I heard the nice little putter of the engine... So I decided right then and there that I'm going to take the bug to Darrell this weekend and let him fix my exhaust leak. Yay! Lol! I can't wait to drive it again!! 
I've been putting it off, because I didn't want to pay for it. But I think getting my other car fixed caught me in a moment of weakness... :P When it broke down Monday, I realized that fixing the car was going to mess up how much I was planning to put in savings this month. So there's absolutely no point in being grouchy about it and worrying how much it was going to cost! ;P That mindset made me feel a little more free with my money though... like, "What's going to hurt spending a little more to get the bug fixed, too!?" Hehe. 
I really wanted to get the Bug running again this summer anyway. So I'm glad I decided to quit being a tight-wad for a few weak moments and go get 'er fixed!! ;P 

So that thought has kind of been consoling in regards to missing my sister and not being able to be in WV right now. ;)

Plus, little Brent and this smile of his... Oh my...! How can I be sad when he's such a happy little guy?!

Monday... at the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art

Having a little picnic :)

Tuesday... Brent found out he liked the pool pretty good! ;)

Thursday... We all had to say "good-bye" :'( 
P.S. this is like my new favorite picture ever, though! ;)

Momma had an event to go to and couldn't go with us to take Alyssa to Aunt Anita's. So we heard some tearful good-bye's at home. Then we hopped over to Aunt Anita's and had to do the sad process all over again. :P



07 June 2016

Weekend Journal

I worked like a dog all last week on my little room makeover project. By the time Friday rolled around, I still had a lot more to do (before my sister and nephew get here) but I figured I should get myself on down to Guthrie, OK for the last weekend of the assembly meeting!! I headed out after work Saturday afternoon, and as I got closer, Kelsey called and told me to meet them at her brother's farm. I had no clue that "meeting them at the farm" meant mudding in the gator in the clothes I was supposed to wear to church that evening. :P But who cares about clothes when you risk missing out on fun! Hehe!

It was well worth the mess and well worth having to go to town to buy some new clothes before church ;) I made a weekend journal video of the whole thing -- you can view it here.

Washing off the evidence of our fun ;P

The rest of the weekend was a tad more calm, and we went out to town on Sunday afternoon for a little while before I headed home :)