30 January 2014

City Tree

City Tree, a photo by MarLeah Joy on Flickr.
A short flashback to our vacation in Colorado last September. I have been digging up pictures from this year to enter into the Crowder Quill, so I have re-surfaced a few. It was really easy to find the pictures I wanted to enter in to the color photography category... but when it came to black and white, I realized that I hardly EVER use black and white. :/ Apparently, I don't really have an eye for B&W because I even had a hard time trying to convert some images over. That's okay... I love color anyway :D
Have a great week/weekend!
I'm not quite sure what this weekend has in store for me... but maybe if I get my homework done I can do something crazy exciting! You know, something like rock-climbing or sky diving. Lol ;) We'll see. :)


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