04 July 2014


I'm sure by now, if you read any of my blog posts at all... you know that I am quite a nostalgic person. I love thinking about the sweet times in childhood and about the traditions we do that might seem kind of silly, but still define us. One of those traditions is all the hype that goes on for the fourth of July. I personally don't get the point of spending thousands/millions of dollars on fireworks, but I love that feeling when I hear them going off in town. Because I know that it mean that families are gathered together, sitting on the lawn on a summer evening, eating American food, and having a good time.
And that is exactly what I like to see!

I kind of celebrated in my own way with an all-american triple dip cone ;)
Granted, I only ate the top scoop because the ice cream was pretty melted by the time I was done taking pictures of it. ;P


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