08 June 2015


In my book, blogging and journaling fit into the exact same category.  I run into the same problem of being so excited to document it all right after something noteworthy happens. But it seems like I never have the time then, and when I have the time, I loose interest and can't remember all of the stories exactly the way they happened. Or you could say I'm just too lazy to try to remember. I still have several sessions and shoots that I could blog, but I have decided I'm not even going to make myself because... well, because I'm going to apply the same advice my sister gave me about journaling to blogging. The short story goes... one time a while ago I didn't journal for like a whole month, and it was a time in my life when a ton of changes were happening and a lot of interesting stuff going on. (I seriously don't even remember when or what it was because... like I said, I didn't journal it ;P) I was telling Alyssa about it, and saying that I felt like I just had to catch up on journaling, but I really didn't want to even though journaling is something I normally actually enjoy (to the most extent). Her advice: "If you don't feel like doing it... don't make yourself. Pick it back up someday and fill in a few points along the way, but don't force yourself to detail it all out." I can't say that the piece of advice she gave is anything that will ever help anyone else out... but for me it meant peace of mind because it let me excuse my lack of regularity in journaling. And helped me to realize that if I don't journal a month out of my entire life, it's not that important in the whole scheme of things anyway. 
So with all that said, this week I marked several pending blog posts off my to-do list even though I haven't ever got around to them. And I'm going to move forward and try to blog as soon as I can in the relation to the time something happened. If, I don't get it done soon... then I really don't need to worry about doing it at all. :) Haha

Yesterday we went jet skiing out on Monkey Island with such an awesome group of girls.
 It was pretty much everyone's first time on a jet ski except for myself and it was so funny to see the way everyone was acting. Nicole was definitely the dare-devil and decided it was so much fun to throw her passengers off the jet ski! Audrey didn't like this so much and wanted more to be in control of a jet ski herself. Amy was pretty cool and collected about the whole experience. I giggled the whole time. And I have to say the person who just overall had the most excitement about it was Kiki.

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