02 April 2016

Brag Book

I can remember all the way back to 6th grade... there was a girl named Candy in my class who had a few older siblings. One day she pulled this little photo album out of her purse and said, "Wanna look at my brag book? It's all my nieces and nephews!!" I didn't understand her excitement whatsoever, but I recall obligingly looking through the book of pictures. And honestly, the only reason I remember this instance is because in my mind I was mocking of how silly it was to have a "brag book". It was also my first time to hear the term and I thought it was a tad bit goofy sounding.

That was 9 years ago... And 2 months ago I became an Aunt myself. 
I totally understand now.
You don't know how HARD it is to let my little nephew grow up so far away from me!
Of course, Alyssa is very good to send me a daily picture or video of Brent, but somedays it only makes it a little harder, knowing that I can't just drive to their house and squeeze him for myself!

I made a photo book of Brent's newborn pictures for Alyssa. So now, if you'll allow me... I'll share my own brag book ;)

This was the front and back cover...

That's it folks! At least until I devise up a plan to make it back to West Virginia. :)


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