07 June 2016

Weekend Journal

I worked like a dog all last week on my little room makeover project. By the time Friday rolled around, I still had a lot more to do (before my sister and nephew get here) but I figured I should get myself on down to Guthrie, OK for the last weekend of the assembly meeting!! I headed out after work Saturday afternoon, and as I got closer, Kelsey called and told me to meet them at her brother's farm. I had no clue that "meeting them at the farm" meant mudding in the gator in the clothes I was supposed to wear to church that evening. :P But who cares about clothes when you risk missing out on fun! Hehe!

It was well worth the mess and well worth having to go to town to buy some new clothes before church ;) I made a weekend journal video of the whole thing -- you can view it here.

Washing off the evidence of our fun ;P

The rest of the weekend was a tad more calm, and we went out to town on Sunday afternoon for a little while before I headed home :)