03 January 2017

2016 is OVER

Hmmm...  2016 was quite honestly a very long year for me. Not in negative way either - the year was great!
Maybe I'm not old enough yet, but time doesn't necessarily fly by for me like everyone else says it does. It seems like ages since my nephew was born last February. It seems just as long ago since I went to Hawaii in April. Visiting West Virginia in September could have a least been a year ago... ;P Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit, but this past year was very full and very different.

I have a video to share. Nothing extraordinary or crazy... Well, maybe it is crazy, maybe I am crazy. ;)
Click here... 2016 Countdown
And some random pictures that I pulled out of my archive as I was going through pictures recently. :D

Many lovely evenings spent on this bike :)

February in Oklahoma

Flight to Hawaii - April

Rainbow Falls, Hawaii

hiking the dessert in South Point, Hawaii

Green Sands, Hawaii

June - Sunday afternoon in Joplin

Fourth of July at my Aunt's house :)

West Virginia - September

Christmas Eve hike at home :)

Took a silhouette of my father taking a silhouette. ;)

May this new year be a delightful one for everyone :)

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