10 April 2017


All during work today I was a little distraught, dispirited, and restless.

I got home and decided to be weird... and do things the way I never do them just to distract myself from missing Tyrel and all my family up in West Virginia. 

I washed my car... in my work clothes 😁 
And yep, I sat on the ground in the messy puddle of water and scrubbed that car all over!
I didn't worry about getting soaked or becoming a wet, sloppy magnet to all sorts of dirt and stuff. Lol!
That's one for the books since I can't stand being dirty... 😁🙄 I know, I know... I've got a lot to change and learn if I plan to do any farming with Tyrel. 😂 He worries about that part of me... 😝
(It's a mind over matter thing for me though, so I'm not worried... Hehe)

 I took a shower after all that though of course 🙊🙈

While I was waiting on some laundry to switch out before I went back outside, I made myself a very very different supper, to say the least.

My parents left me like nooooo food in the fridge... 😏 But I found some plain greek yogurt and dolloped it out all fancy-like and covered it with leftover strawberry filling (<-- from the cakes I've been making to test out for the wedding. 😋)

I was going to till the garden... because I really need to get the flowers planted really really soon. 😏 But there was a humongous pile of brush that needed to be burned first. **crackle, pop, ahhhhh** 

A lot of my problem at work today was a lack of patience... waiting for the big day 😁
So I started a wedding project to test my patience further. 😭
But it actually worked great to distract me, because... well... untangling and stringing lights is like the most intense thing ever. 😳

And if anyone wonders how the wedding stuff is going...? Well I've been working on it as if it was 2 months away, because if I get it all done and ready then we can get married earlier, right?! 🤔😁😂

I'm most relieved that I found the photographers I want! I couldn't be more happy and relieved to have that one out of the way!


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