11 October 2014

It's So Tiny

Yesterday I had one of the best days at work.
We had a lot of good laughs. And I think we were all just finally getting used to each other and finding our place. (We've had quite the turnover rate and we have a lot of new people working at the bank.) Anyway... wonderful day!
And then, when I was doing homework on my lunch break, I got a wonderful email that said my GoPro was delivered. :)
So I rushed home after work and tore into the box waiting for me. 

I'm already really loving the all-inclusive wide angle! 
It's kinda interesting that it actually gets your hands in the shot if you are holding the GoPro straight on the camera.

My biggest impression though is how tiny the thing really is. Well, that and along with the overwhelming amount of parts/accessories it comes with. I feel like I have 50 little pieces floating around now... all stuff to mount it somewhere to get the slightest little different angle.

 I really like the touch screen, too. I was kinda worried about it since it is such a small little screen that it would be hard to use... quite the opposite!



  1. I honestly don't know much about a go pro. If you asks me, it's a camera on a stick. LOL Do you attach it to your camera? I feel like that's a stupid question. Haha. Looks like you can get some cool pics though!!

    1. Lol, no it's really just a camera that has a lot of mounting options... It's for getting those tricky shots that you could never get otherwise. It also comes with waterproof housing so you can use it in water! :)
      People go skiing with it, you can mount it to the outside of your car and video, etc. The possibilities are endless.