10 October 2015

Fall Camping

I don't think I've ever blogged twice in a day...
But who says you can't, anyway?

I just got back home today from camping out with Audrey and some other girlys. It was just perfect... from the sunset last night, to the fog this morning.

I peeked out of the tent in the morning to see what girls had woke me up, and found Alea and Kiki starting a fire :) Thanks girls! 

And here's the ornery little scoundrel who woke us up in the middle of the night by climbing around on the tent!!! Bad little thing!

And... of course, when I went out to take pictures this morning, the cat had to tag along. But he couldn't walk beside me -- that just wouldn't do at all!! Nope! He walked in-between my feet the whole entire way! Ha...

Does anyone spot Alea out on the island?

Bed head ;)

I'll have to say that this camping trip made me REALLY start to day dream about going backpacking through some of Yosemite.

Alea, Kiki, Audrey, and Tori 

This afternoon I've been working on scraping down the trim in my new room so we can stain, and in just an hour and a half... I'll be heading back to Granby -- just a few miles from our campsite -- for a photo session this evening.
Hope everyone else is having a terrific Saturday.