10 October 2015

My Sister's

I was so excited for the opportunity to get to go to Alyssa's in West Virginia, even those it was a long 16 hour ride up there and I only had a few days to stay... But let me tell you, we packed TONS into those two and a half days I was there.
The main point of the trip was to help her paint some stuff in her house, so we got right on that as soon as I got there Monday afternoon. 
And the rest is just nothing but good memories :)

Marty and Alyssa's cute little home :) 

Alyssa and I had just finished picking up paint when I saw this spot, and she graciously turned around to go back so I could take some pictures there :)

I filled in for Alyssa on a photo session of a family while I was up there, and these bulls kept photo-bombing... but they just added character in my opinion :) (but isn't that a pretty view regardless!?)

This was one of our projects... we took down the wallpaper that was on this wall and made it into a chalkboard wall :)

This china cabinet was our other project... It was completely made of wood paneling, so we took the primer and paint to it :)


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