29 December 2015

2015 Year in Review

I got off work a little early yesterday due to inclement weather.
I came home, we ate, I did laundry all evening, we had worship, and I was going to work on this video until time I needed to go to bed. 
4 hours later... 
Just finishing up the video and uploading to YouTube.
Yikes! Haha!
But, I feel so accomplished! Not that it is necessarily a masterpiece, but mostly because I've known all year that I have wanted to make a year in review video. 

This year didn't turn out like I envisioned, to be honest. So a lot of things aren't included in this video that I thought would be in here when I first told myself I would make this "2015 review" video. :P I really thought I was going to travel to Germany or Africa and at least Honduras. Well, the Lord knew what was best for me! And instead He gave me several new friends that I love dearly, and many outdoor "experiences"! ;)

God has been very good to me this year, and all my memories of everything that has happened this year has honestly been very sweet. :)

Follow this link to YouTube to watch the video:


God Bless,

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