17 January 2016

Dear Last Week,

Life has been a little dynamic lately... starting with last weekend.
I was about to go to work Saturday morning when I text my Oklahoma friends about something, and then we were like, "Let's just meet up today in Tulsa!" So that's exactly what we did.
While we were there we got a great idea of a vacation we could take together. So we've got plans for travel in April (as long as I can get those days off). 

In the middle of the week I got an offer to switch jobs. So I applied. And I had an interview.
It makes me so excited/apprehensive when I think of major changes like that. It's almost an adrenaline rush for me. (But now I'm even more apprehensive about our vacation planned with my Oklahoma girls... "Will I actually be able to get the time off now?")
When I had my interview I did tell them however about the week I need to take off to go see my soon-to-be-born nephew in West Virginia. Which reminds me again of how excited I am for my solo train-ride out there. :D

Yesterday, my dad and I headed down to Fort Smith, AR to look at a car I've kinda had my eye on.
When we arrived at the address the man gave us, Daddy and I just looked at each other kinda disappointed. I started thinking, "Did we drive two hours down here to follow one of those craigslist scams?" Let me tell you I was getting a little upset. And I could tell by the tone of Daddy's voice that he was too. We couldn't get ahold of the man we were supposed to meet. Finally he called us in response to one of our texts and said that he was "on his way", but hung up before I could ask if we were at the right place. He finally arrived and hollered out to us to follow him. After following him for 8+ minutes, I was still growing more upset and suspicious. But... At last!! I could tell that we were indeed approaching the car I had been anxiously waiting to lay my eyes on. I was so relieved. 
Long story short, I bought the car. And I'm so happy with it! On the way home I was enjoying the smooth, quite ride that is such a contrast to traveling in my old '69 Bug.
I pulled over for a little rest stop 45 min from home. As I was pulling into my parking spot, I could tell something was wrong with the car. It started making a terrible growling sound, and steam or smoke was bellowing out from under the hood. D: You can imagine the deep disappointment that was settling over me. 
So there I stood outside of my worthless car I had just bought and made the call to my dad to tell him my horrible news. A few minutes later, the smoke started to calm down and I felt comfortable enough knowing that the car wouldn't blow up. :P So I climbed back in the car to keep from freezing while I waited for my dad to arrived.
Another long story short... we found out that it had just had a major power steering fluid loss (maybe a busted line or something) Thank the Lord it happened when I was just pulling into a parking lot, instead of happening on the interstate. Also, I was thankful to find out that our insurance said they could tow it to my cousins shop in Carthage free of charge. :)

That leads us to today. I've got the whole house to myself today. Which means I've been sitting by a little fire editing pictures and listening to our dog's sorting/snoring as he drifts in and out of sleep. ;P

This one is for Karissa ;)

(P.s. - Pictures posted on my blog always look better when you click on them. So go ahead and click on it to view a more "clear" picture) ;)


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