01 July 2016


If there is one thing I'm passionate about for my mental well-being, it would be documenting... by taking photos, blogging, and journaling.

At times, I document because I'm enthusiastic about it.
Other times, I document simply because I know I should.
But then there are times when I simply can't and won't do it at all.

I've realized lately that I'm in one of those "can't and won't do it" attitudes. Hehe...
So I looked back yesterday to see when I had last blogged. "Hmmm... 🤔 June 17th for my last post. That's not THAT long ago. There's no need to blog yet!" Ha! Okay, that was half a month ago... 🙄
Then today I somehow stumbled across some old blog posts and read quite a few of them from 2014. Woah!!!! Reading some of those was quite interesting.
I've always been a supremely nostalgic person, so being able to re-live moments of my life is just kinda one of the best things. ;)
I had quite a little proud moment there thinking about how many moments I've captured over the last 3 years through pictures and writing... ;)

Lately, I've also been scanning old film prints from my childhood... Oh my!!! I can't even begin to explain how that makes me feel. lol

My daddy has always been unashamedly goofy! lol

My dad's mom, Grandma Carol, and us girls :)

I barely remember this big ole suburban with bright red interior that we used to drive....

Ranelle with two of our great Grandpas (L to R: Albert Eck and Vada McMillan)

Monark with my cousins (L to R: Maddison, Me, Rodney, Travis)

Michael and me doing our typical... :P

Cutie-pie Alyssa at Monark :)

Alyssa and Ranelle showing off their artwork

Daddy holding me on Christmas Day 

Picnic time :)

Daddy made us several swings throughout the years... we always loved them so much!

This is Alyssa and our neighbor friend, Kelsey, walking into my dad's office that he did structural steel detailing out of.

We always loved to go visit him in his office. I remember having a dead bug collection in there that I would play with (it kinda stunk). :P And we would also draw picture after picture and completely fill his walls up with our masterpieces. :)

Matching costumes with Alyssa :)

I love those last two pictures of my mom. I asked her about them recently and she said that Daddy took them of her when they were dating. 

Ranelle and Nanna... This picture describes Nanna so perfectly! She was always right in the middle of things with us grandchildren. She never minded playing silly games with us, like crawling around on the floor playing "Poor Pussy Cat". 

(L to R: Trenton, Ranelle, Darren, Nanna, Me, Alyssa)
Riding on our favorite "go kart" ;)