27 July 2016


We just finished up our Monark Springs National church camp on Sunday :) I had to work during the week, but all the services I was able to be in were a direct response to some challenges I've been facing recently.

This old tabernacle has been around for so long, but this year they've finally made the decision to build a new one. I'm not the most sentimental about it, but I still love it and find beauty in it :)

Everyone was gathered around on the last Saturday afternoon to watch several people get baptized. I always love our little gatherings to watch the baptismal. It's such a sweet moment to sing songs about following Jesus all the way and watch people take a step in showing the world that they mean to follow along the straight and narrow way. :)

It's always a little hard to crowd around and watch, but it almost makes it more special than doing it inside a church building where you have to watch from your pew.

The rest of these pictures are focused more on my family... But it all took place during the week of the Monark meeting ;)

We had lunch together at our house during the week. And now "we" includes a few more people ;)

So... I'll be honest and say that I'm still processing LOTS of stuff right now, but this is my sister and her fiancee, Marvin. This was actually my first time to meet Marvin in person, but I really enjoyed him and honestly couldn't ask for a better future brother! ;) Lord willing, they plan to get married this Fall! :)

I don't know what to put here, except a huge smiley face. ;D

But, for those who don't know...
Let me introduce you to Tyrel. :)
It was our first time to see each other in person since February, so we've been anxiously awaiting Monark for months! lol ;P  I have loved every bit of the way the Lord has led us along to where we are today as a couple, and I'm excited for whatever the Lord holds for us in the future!! :)

Marty, Alyssa, and my little nephew, Brent.
I'm completely lost in the Auntie world when he is around!! ;)

Happy baby ready to travel home :)

The last night Tyrel was here, we got to watch the huge blood moon rise through the clouds. :)

And now, just looking at this picture, sends my mind back over this whole last week. 
I can imagine the sound of the crickets and locusts chirping as Tyrel and I sat under the old open-air tabernacle and joined our voices together with all the other Saints singing hymns. 
I think of the ride we took in my bug one evening with the windows down... just taking life in the slow lane.
I remember the solemnity of the messages we heard, and the sincerity of our prayers together.
Then I think of laughter.
But also of my queasy stomach and lack of appetite.
And I won't ever forget the sunrise I saw the morning Tyrel arrived at Monark. I had just popped out of bed at 5:40 and hurried around to make myself presentable to go meet him. I remember being a little nervous, but too anxious to even care. When I emerged from where I was staying, I saw the most beautiful, peaceful sunrise. So I walked over to the edge of the field and took a few moments to watch the scene before I headed off the the front of the campgrounds to go meet the guys who had just arrived that morning... Well... I was only interested in meeting one guy in particular. ;)