11 March 2017

Mmmm! It felt so good to have a weekend free of events and free of a trip to town! 😄
At our house, ever since we were little, we would turn on the Christian radio drama stories from 8-10 on Saturday mornings and do our weekly house work. ☺️
I haven't listened to those good old stories like "Ranger Bill" in several years, but I turned them on this morning and did some housework. ☺️

Then I began filing away 500 of my "free prints" from Shutterfly from all of last year's trips and times with friends and family. 😁

I also snuck outside to the garage for a bit to sand on this old door that's been in the works since the fall 😜 I feel like my sinuses are packed full of sawdust now, though 😷

But then my favorite part of the day... I sat down in the evening and did a little wood burning for some decorations for our wedding... 😊😉



  1. Wedding projects are so fun to work on. :) Can't wait to see all that you've been working on come September!

    1. Yes...! ;) I'm can't wait either, lol, because I have no clue exactly how it's going to turn out! Hehehehe!

  2. jaja i forgot your getting married ..it doesnt seem real...but God works in mysterious ...;)