04 March 2017

This last month was a bit of a wonderful whirl-wind. 

I was already up in West Virginia the last part of January for my nephew’s first birthday. (But yeah, I was enjoying being with Tyrel maybe a little bit too ;)) On February 1st I got asked a question. A question I already knew the answer to, but I didn’t realize how my world would change when I got to officially say “Yes”. ;) Tyrel and I are engaged to get married in the backyard at my parent’s house… Lord Willing on September 16th. Consider this your “save the date announcement”, and we would love to have everyone join us in our celebration! 

I had to leave to go home the next day after our engagement, but I got to see Tyrel again that very next weekend when he came out to Oklahoma for a mutual friend’s wedding. :) 

Back at work the next week, I was finally able to announce our engagement to my co-workers… and we tried to not cry. Man, I’m really going to miss them! 

That following weekend, I took pictures of one of my co-worker’s boy before he got his first haircut and lost all his pretty little curls. ;)

I’ve done lots of wedding planning and shopping already. That’s one thing that I always fretted about because I had absolutely NO ideas of what I wanted for a wedding. But as soon as I said “yes” ;P it’s just like it opened up my imagination. Haha! So I’ve had a lot of fun creating things and finding bargains.

I have another video to share from this last trip up to West Virginia. I’ve watched the video like 12 times already, not gonna lie. 😏 And not to braagggg or anything, but Tyrel is just so fun to watch on the snowboard. 😄😎

Tyrel picked me up from the train station in White Sulfur Springs :)

:D After being on Amtrak for 28 hours traveling alone, I was happy to have this nice seat next to this man! 😉

We took the scenic highway home, and it's never plowed... :D So I wanted to get out and take some pictures.

And then we had some fun trying to jump for a picture :P

He's my favorite!! So naturally this is my favorite picture. People have "complained" that my videos and pictures and all are too much of Tyrel and not enough of me with him. Hehe, I just can't help that my camera always seems to get me pictures of him! ;) They sure make me happy anyway!

Then we slid around in the slick tracks (where he had been sliding his truck 😉😉) And fell, a lot! And got really snowy. And made snow angels. 😇

A little fun in the woods :) ;)

Where we got engaged :)

Brent turned 1!! He's already walking all around and very vocal in his babyish-jabber! ;D

Tyrel's hat was about the only thing making Brent smile ;D

I met my co-worker one Saturday afternoon to try to get some shots of "Stinky"... let me tell you, he is quite the stinker and had us chasing him all over the park.

Such a cutie!

Daddy and I worked on chopping up some limbs so I can do a little wood-burning on them for a project for the wedding. ;)
And notice, he's wearing a harness still... he just got down off of the scaffolding from scraping and painting the house (which is a major project to get done before the wedding! whew!)

And... that's my catch-up for the month or so! Hehe ;)



  1. I love your posts! I look at your blog tons of times to see when a new update comes. You seem so happy! Congrats 💕

  2. Love love love seeing your photos and posts. Seriously. <3 And I think it's adorable that you have so many photos of T. I'm sure you love looking at them when you're missing him. :)

    1. Aw, Heather, thank you! And yes, it does help when I'm missing him...!! ;)