26 May 2017

Save the Date

The day for our wedding seems to be coming soooo quickly when I think of all the things that still need to get done around here. But thinking of that same time frame in regards to how long we still have to wait to get married?! Then I'm kinda like "😒🙄😫😫" Hehe 😬
This morning, I was struggling with the waiting part a little extra much... sitting on the floor partly doing laundry, kinda laying over and dozing at times, but also praying and listening some to some piano hymns. 😝 All of a sudden a song came on where there was actual singing, and it was talking about how God already sees the rainbow in any situation we are in. I don't think of "having to wait" like this so much as a spiritual trial or battle, so I kinda dismissed the encouragement I should have gathered from the song.
I'm thankful the Lord didn't give up... He sent me another song that not only has helped me accept waiting, but now I want to embrace the challenge of waiting with a smile on my face. ☺️ 

I love listening to old musical throw-backs too, and this song totally has that weird dreamy vibe... lol

I think my mom has been trying to tell me this already... :P
I'm sorry, momma, that it sometimes takes me a while to "get" what you're trying to tell me.

In the meantime, I've made a video of the last 10 wonderful months with Tyrel.
 Click here for the video.
And I almost cried as I was making it... So many memories just flooded over me!

We started out dating at Monark National Chrurch Camp in July.
Followed by a week of doing hay in September. 😅
Then we were together for several weddings between September and December.
Tyrel came and visited for my birthday/his birthday/Christmas in December.
We were together for a short while in WV and got engaged on February 1st.
A few days before Tyrel came to visit in March, he sent me a link to a house that was for sale... 😍
I went out to WV to meet my new nephew, Zane, and while I was out there we closed on the house April 26th. 😱😍
And most recently, we saw each other last weekend in Kentucky for his cousin's graduation... 👍🏼

Now, we are anticipating the meeting in West Virginia and MONARK!!! 😅
I'm so so so excited I won't be working during Monark this year. Now we can enjoy alllll the  services together! ☺️
After Monark until our wedding is going to be the longest month and a half ever, but hey... I've gotta remember that this is my chance to be a "little flower" that doesn't worry when the rain comes. Let it rain, let it rain, let it pour!  😁😉

This awesome bridesmaid took the pictures for us... (thank you so much, Summer!!!)
So afterwards we scrunched together for a picture. 😍

Have a bubbly weekend, everyone!!

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