03 July 2017

16 Days Worth...

I honestly never thought I'd get the opportunity to spend this much time in West Virginia with Tyrel before we got married. I was always so hard pressed with my vacation days. But I decided to quit my job early... 3 months before our wedding to give me more time to work on our yard, gardens... and well, to spend a little more time with Tyrel. :)

I went out to West Virginia for their church camp meeting and got to stay a while longer and be with Tyrel's Uncle and family when they came in for the Fourth of July. :D

I always love the new variety of jobs I'm introduced to when I'm in WV... I was there for most of the experience of this concrete pour. :)

I enjoyed this evening so much!! I had kind of been feeling a little crummy, but nothing like a little sunshine and hay-making to make you feel better! :)

It's always an absolutely beautiful experience in WV... and now it's reallllly sinking in how this is going to be my new home in 2 months!
I'm trying to think about it realistically and realize that things aren't always going to be just peachy. But seriously, I'm so stinking ready to just try it out for myself and create our own life. :)


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