09 April 2015

WV Travels

Raise your hand if you like to fly!
Ha! Okay, I used to think it was quite glamorous and just the best thing on plant earth (or in the great skies) to do. But... my opinion has changed since we went through some of the worst turbulence ever on our way to West Virginia. Don't get me wrong, I prefer flying ofver riding in a car 16 hours any day, but let's just say that I now understand that flying doesn't always go so smoothly.

Tbh - this is probably the stuff that got me to not feeling so well when we went through the turbulence ;P

Darren reading Kate's letter for like the one hundred and second time :P Good thing all the mushy gushy is blurred ;P

 We were just trying to get one "normal" picture... you know how hard that is to do?? ;)

Rental car duds.

Sunrise at the slopes!

I'm going to finish off with some more iPhone/GoPro shots... they just kinda fill in between everything that couldn't get captured on DSLR

For Miss. Katie Bug who was surely missing someone special. 
(Darren and I had great fun making it to send to her)

Coolest thing ever!

I seriously didn't realize this is what mountains looked like from an aerial view!


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