08 April 2015


Today is beautiful.

I got to talk on the phone with a bride who's wedding is coming up so so soon! She has the most beautiful location and she is planning in plenty of time for portraits (Yay! most brides have to be reminded to leave time for that). Needless to say, her excitement pushed over on to me this morning!

I got tons of laundry done (which is always a miracle in my books)

And I have my state taxes done and ready to send off. (plus, there's a USB in another envelope of my purse that I will deliver today... it holds lots of sweetness from a super secret session that will hopefully be reveled soon.) 

I have a half day at work today, so I spent my extra time this morning making sticky ribs and Chinese slaw. Yumm...

Yes, this is hump day... but I feel like it's the best day ever. All my duties are either almost done or done... and I feel prepared enough for the things coming up. 

You don't want me to list them out.... but I will anyway. It makes me feel good! ;)

-Tires rotated/balanced and I got an alignment on my car today
-I recently picked up seat covers for my car so we can get the seats re-upholstered
-I feel confident for the wedding coming up on the 18th
-I've got a Senior session planned for the 16th after work
-I have a trip planned to Oregon and a Sr. Session scheduled out there
-I'm (getting) on top of laundry ;P
-I've started working on putting a video together
-I'm well on my way to complete the new display for work
-I cooked a meal today!! ;P
-I've been staying on top of my devotions (that's the best one right there... it makes me feel so good to know that I've taken the effort to defeat the devil and talk to the Lord)

Life is beautiful.
The end.


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