09 March 2016

This and That

My life right now has been a beautiful hodgepodge of things that don't normally happen. But things that are quickly become the new normal. And I love it.
My job transfer has been a very positive move in more ways than one. I've had more time for my friends and myself... and laundry... (Oh boy!) and cooking! :)

I went to my friend, Christy's place at the end of February and met up with some friends for a little fishing, relaxing, and rigged up four wheeling.

I love seeing the improvements and additions on her land every time I go there :)

I unfortunately letf my GoScope stick in my car when we went fishing so we had to do a little improvising with a fishing pole! Haha!

Then we tropped through the woods Sunday evening to get this couch that was sitting by another pond... We were sooooo tired from carrying the couch though some different fences and across the creek and up the bank. So we had a seat at the edge of the field and called Robert to have him bring us a four wheeler. Then we stacked the couch up on the back and all piled on to ride away to paradise. ;) On our way back we had some adventures that I will spare you from having to see photo proof of. ;P As we were pulling back up to the farm Christy spotted an opossum!! So we went zipping in and out among the trees chasing the old critter (with three of us still on the back of the couch). I literally thought either the couch would fall off the four wheeler or I would one! o.O Talk about excitement! We did put the opossum to his death, too... mission accomplished. And with that on our minds, we parted ways and drove to our own homes.

Anyway, I made a video of our weekend in Oklahoma that you can view here.

Speaking of videos, I've been trying to figure out what I really want to do with videos I make. It sounds funny, but I've realized that the type of vides I make are a mix between vlogs, home videos, and little mini adventure sagas. The latest one I made I just decided to call a "journal" because I'm not videoing myself, so it's really not a vlog. I actually wanted to add text to fill in a few voids in this latest video. So "journal" seemed appropriate. Haha, but does it really matter? Sometimes my mind just needs to organize things. :P

These are from a bike ride I took the other evening. Aren't sunsets amazing?! I never get to see them from our house since we have a great big hill to the west of us with lots of trees that blocks our view. So it's just awesome that I get off work here a little earlier and can walk or ride out to the country to watch the sun set. <3

All day Saturday I worked with my Dad building a retaining wall. I had NO clue rail road ties where that hard to maneuver around. But we did it! And got it about half done before the sun set. :)

I left my dad to work with out neighbor for a while and came inside to make a casserole and roasted these tomatoes. Sounds like a simple thing... but it's been one of my biggest joys lately. I finally have time and opportunity to cook. (Another plus of getting off work at earlier hours). It's literally been since my Freshman year of high school that I've been able to regularly cook supper for the family. I finally feel like I'm actually contributing to the household! 

And did I mention that I have lots of time now to spend with good friends?! :)

We took Sunday afternoon to go shopping and eat at some of our (new) favorite places.

These are from another walk I took this week... It was really dark and stormy looking outside, but it wasn't forecasted to rain until 8pm, so I chanced it and struck off on my favorite 5 mile loop. Like I said, the sunsets that I've been able to see out there have just been making me so happy. Such a simple joy that I believe God loves for us to have in life.

The only thing that I feel is lacking in this stage of my life right now is DSLR photos. Did you notice my goofy little "iPhone" watermark? Lol, I normally don't watermark iPhone pics, but hey... just for kicks. Anyway, I feel like it's so much juggling a iPhone, GoPro and camera. So I've got to amend that soon. Maybe I just need to find the right camera strap that will make it easy to carry. Make that another thing on my list of a hundred items to get before I go to Hawaii. Gah... Isn't life just one big balancing/juggling act!? Haha!

Have a great week!


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