15 March 2016

How My Evening Almost Ended

Today I worked the early shift. Got off early. 
I voted. I can't change how everyone else voted. But I did my very best. :)
I went to my dear friend, Katelyn's house.
It's so weird that she's married and has a home of her own to host her friends. :)
We played with her new puppy and took him for a walk.

And found some blooming trees... and magically our outfits coordinated! 

We made supper together :)

Mecia joined us a little before supper :)

The meal and dessert... just so delicious. (And adorable! How adorable are these personal-sized trifle bowls?!) :)

When I left Darren and Kate's house, they told me to text them when I got home. 
Okay :) So I was super tired, but made it home just fine since I was belting out to the latest random song that's been stuck in my head all day... 
I pulled into the garage, and routinely turned off my car and shut the garage door. 
But I had something else on my mind that I needed to look up on my phone. 
I sat there for 5 minutes inside my car while the dog yapped his head off at me because I hadn't come out to pet him yet. In frustration, I finally just got out of the car even though I wasn't done yet, and went to go shush the dog. For some reason I glanced back at the garage door on my way out and gasped at what I saw. I hurriedly walked to the back of my car to take a better look.
Oh, wow.
I really had almost done it.
I don't think it gets any closer that this without smashing your bumper and possibly damaging the garage door.
And no, it's not the angle of the photo playing tricks on your eyes. There was no space between my car and the garage door. 

My first reaction was, "Wow, God... you really showed your mercy and love to me tonight!"
It might be hard for you to even understand how much heartache and trouble that would have caused me. Not just because of cosmetic damages to my car, I can live with that... but the possibility of replacing a $900 garage door!? Ugh! No thank you!
I was actually prepared to see some cosmetic damages because there are metal hinges that stick out and aren't flush with the rest of the garage door. And one likely scraped my car on it's way down. But, no, the last metal hinge was just inches above where the bumper curves out more. How? Only God!
Sigh. :) Things like this just make me feel so humble. And so thankful! :)


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