12 March 2016

Trail Run

This week has been crazy-busy. I think I'm about to crash. Right now. Never mind, I'm going to blog first. Then crash. 

Let me introduce you to the "Red Room".
We've lived here about 14 years, and this room has never been attended to. It's always been this hideous red. And the person who previously owned the house thought it'd be great to paint on top of wall paper. Really!?! Anyway, this room has more or less always been a storage room in our house. We've cleaned it out several times, but there are things in here that likely haven't moved since 2002. That bugs me a lot. So little by little, I've been trying to transform it.
Back in November I switched rooms and went to the room that adjoins this Red Room, so I cleaned some of the junk out the closet and made way for my clothes so I could use it as a walk-in closet.
At least it made it a tad bit easier for me to work with this week...

Wednesday and Thursday night I stayed up until midnight moving stuff out of the closet and tearing the wallpaper off.

Friday night, Amy and Nicole came over to give me company and they kindly offered to help paint. 
Painting was a complete nightmare in my opinion because the wall surface was crumbly in places, and was very uneven in others. But we at least finished putting a rough coat of primer on all the walls.
And maybe once stuff is up on the walls again, no one will notice how rough it is. D:

They stayed overnight and we had lots of crepes and fruit for breakfast. Yummy!
We even painted a little more on the room before they had to go. Did I mention how nice it was to have them help me!? :) :)

After they left, I was kind of in a creative-block stage about working on the room. I really just needed something to get me out of the house. And I remembered that I've been needing to test out my backpacking pack for an upcoming trip. So I stuffed it full of all my camping gear, and went to a nearby trail to test it out.

It was actually raining when I took this picture... I wasn't sure if I would need to turn around and head home or not, but the rain slacked off, so I continued.

I stopped and set up one of my hammocks because it's apparently the "cool" thing to do nowadays. Plus, it's just super uber-duper comfortable to "hang" in. 
I hadn't seen a soul on the trail... so I just hung it up across the trail. Why not? :P I joked to myself that if anyone came along, they'd just have to walk around me. 20 minutes later I started to hear women talking, and the voices were definitely approaching me. I scurried out of that thing and took it down from the trees like I was guilty of a crime or something. Smh.

I almost bought the "Chesty" mount for my GoPro, but I'm so glad I didn't, because I found out that my wrist mount will attach nicely to my backpack strap. It's so convenient to use there too! Yay!

And I don't typically upload so many videos so often, but I uploaded another video from this hike because basically if I don't put a video on YouTube... then I never ever ever get around to doing anything with the footage. And that's stupid. So one day my kids are going to thank me for having lots of videos and pictures for them to see what I did "back in the day". :D

I hope you all have had a golden week/weekend as well!


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