06 August 2016

Weekend Journal

Oh my... I have a bit of a problem when it comes to videos.
I don't have that much knowledge about how to make videos that really flow and all, but I'm so addicted to making them because I LOVE all the good times they bring back. 

I just finished up a video from my last weekend... nothing that special, but just kind of a weekend at home with a bit of a "to-do" list and then some time at the lake. :P

Then I made a quick video of Hawaii... Most of my videoing was done on GoPro, but I have a good "recap" of Hawaii on just the videos I shot on my Canon 7D, so I just compiled a few of those clips. Someday I'm gonna have to go through allllll of those GoPro videos and try to make a few reasonable videos out of the trip. :P

Ya'll have a wonderful weekend!!


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