09 August 2016

I Crashed

Lately, I've been feeling this extra connection to nature... and an extra desire (than normal) to capture it. So yesterday evening, I loaded up my camera pack, grabbed the dog, and set out on my bike to go find me a pretty spot in the country to watch the sunset. I had made it up the first major hill and was going down a little incline and somehow totally wiped out on my bike. Oopsie... Hehe! I walked home because my bike was in no condition to ride after that... Not to mention my knee and hand.
I cleaned up pretty fast and decided I should just drive out to the countryside and hopefully be in time to catch the sunset anyway... because something inside just told me that it would probably be a beautiful one. 😊

Go here to watch the video I made from the evening...

I wanted to include a clip of myself doing a cartwheel in the video... :P But then I looked at my hand... and at the pavement... 😁 Hmmm, maybe not smart. But then I thought, "Eh, it can't hurt too much more than it already does." 😭

These pictures don't even begin to do justice to the beautiful sunset...

And to think that God paints us a new one each evening!

It did me a lot of good to just spend some time outside enjoying it! :)

For most of an hour, I stayed stationed just right by the fence watching the colors change and the clouds morph and mold.

Just an old country road, but it brings me much peace. :)


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