14 August 2016

Enjoy Life

This last week hasn't been perfect in a natural sense, but it's actually been as close to perfect as everyday life can get. ;) Anytime the Lord talks to you personally, it gives quite a refreshment and uplift to your spirit!

Actually, the things I'm going to mention today aren't even half of the things the Lord has encouraged or helped me through this week. 

Green Sands Beach, Hawaii - April 2016

We heard about bearing fruit with patience today in church service.
Which was just what I needed, both spiritually and temporally... Because I had actually been asking the Lord to bless me with some patience this week. :P
It was brought out that patience is part "you wanting it really hard", and part "God's gift to us."
One of the areas where we can help ourself in patience is to envision the very end goal that we are reaching for. No matter what circumstances come along or what anyone else says, as long as you keep the vision, then you have no reason to give up or fail! Just keep going on!! :)

Kona, Hawaii - April 2016

I've always loved the book of Ecclesiastes, and this week I came to love it even more! :)
It's such a completely different book than any other book in the bible. In some respects, it almost seems to give a lot of contradiction to the rest of the bible, but honestly it's just completing everything else and giving a well rounded view on life.

One of the places I opened up to first was Chapter 11
"Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days. Give a portion to seven, and also to eight; for thou knowest not what evil shall be upon the earth."

I've heard "casting your bread upon the water" with several different meanings... all in the light of making an investment. Maybe an investment into gaining other souls for the kingdom, or maybe making a personal investment for our own souls. 
But the commentary on these verses says that it's actually talking about literally investing money or goods.
Here's what my commentary says about  Chapter 11 and verses 1-6.
"These verses focus on making sound investments. It may seem odd that the Bible has such teachings, but much of Proverbs is concerned with advice on how to avoid poverty by prudent action. Most of us need a certain degree of prosperity in order to have a good life, and the advice here is valuable for both ancient and modern readers.
Verses 1-2: These verses deal with financial investment, not charity. The phrase 'bread upon the waters' refers to investing in overseas trading ventures, which may result in a return on the investment. The words 'seven' or 'eight' refers to diversifying one's investments."

So anyone who knows me well... knows that I get my little nerd glasses on when it comes to investing money. 
Well, sadly this year has kind of got me off track, and I've lost my vision about investing. I've been trying to get back on... and, you know what...? The Lord has actually been talking to me through many different verses in the bible this week about having wisdom with my money. I won't bore you with the verses, but they are found in Proverbs, just like the commentary mentioned.
It was sooo, so much of an encouragement to me that God would guide me to those verses. It gave me the little extra boost and challenge I needed to keep on track with my finances. Also, I have no human understanding as to what to do for my life in preparation for anything. And I mean anything! God understands my life and the path before me, and I'm grateful for the little nudge he gave me to be sure to stay on track with my financial goals. So, If he has opened up some scriptures to me this week about planning financially, then I am certain that he will order and take care of the rest. Because to be honest, I would tend to personally say that, financial wisdom is the least important of all other wisdom in the whole scope of things. But yet it DOES hold a degree of importance. ...And God has shown me that he cares to guide me in that area! 😊 May I listen and take heed in this area and others -- so that He can bless! 

Hilo, Hawaii - April 2016

Have I told you I loved Ecclesiastes yet...? ;) 

Well the next thought the Lord has blessed me so much with is from parts of Chapters 8 and 9... about enjoying the life the Lord has given us.

Once again, I'll share what my bible's commentary has to say about this part of the book: "This does not involve neglect of other duties, because there is a time for everything under the sun. But a life without enjoyment is no life at all."

It was just what I needed to read to finish off all the things I've been pondering and musing over this week. Basically reading this I just felt the Lord smiling at me and saying, "I love you, and I care!" :)


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