13 July 2017


As I was filling up with gas before heading out on 1,000 miles home, I looked behind me and saw the bright sun shining through the bottom of the fog. I tried finding my phone to snap a picture, only to realize I had left it at our house. So I grabbed my camera, but too late to get the really amazing orange glow. 

Since I had my camera with me, I decided to take pictures (out the window and through the windshield 😜) as I was driving out of the area. I only realized later that I had the shutter speed way too low, but it kinda helps with the "driving by" feel... ;)

I also just made a VIDEO (((yay!!! - Yes, I've already watched it 5 times))) of my whole time in West Virginia and the last two scenes were from the morning I was leaving...
The very last scene is a clip from where I took this picture below. :) Mmmm... so beautiful I could just eat it!!!! 🙊😋😍

Ahhhhh goodness!!! I love this part of the country!

And last, but not least, the field we had been hauling hay out of throughout the week. :)


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