27 July 2017

Monark Life

Monark campmeeting has been a different story this year. 
First off, Tyrel wasn't going to come until the middle of the week, then he came and arrived early. :D We took Engagement pictures with our photographers on Monday morning, then got a call that he was being shipped back to West Virginia that afternoon to do some farming while the weather was fine.
So I spent some time at home working on wedding stuff and dresses and taking care of my darling little plants.
I'm spending one last night out with my friends before Tyrel arrives at Monark again in the morning.  Sooo ready for him to be back and to not be "wandering around alone" :P

Friends in the new Tabernacle on the first night:)

Hurts Donuts with Mecia the first night :) (thankgoodness for 24 hour places)

A full tabernacle... how it made my heart happy :)

And even happier when to have this crazy man here to goof off with 😘

My lil hunk-a-chunk of a nephew ❤️

I love seeing all the golf carts carting people to the new tabernacle.

People milling around after lunch under the tent where the old tabernacle stood.

They get the award for the cutest mode of transportation to church. πŸ˜‰.

Beautiful sky!!

My good girls who came to my rescue after Tyrel left.

Zinnias in the garden at home 😍

Brent kept telling the doggy "hiii" πŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ˜š

Finally... Christy arrived! ☺️


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