09 May 2013

Graduation Party

Last weekend was my cousin's graduation party. I was super excited when I found out that my other cousin, Heather from craftyscrapbooker, was going to be there!

We also switched lenses for a little while so the first few pictures were taken with her 50mm 1.8 lens. I love the depth!

The graduating girl!

I don't know why I seemed to take so many pictures of Darren. Maybe
it's because he was the most active :)

This was about my favorite part of the day; Heather and I got to venture out and get some pictures of us together. Oh, how I wish all of my friends lived close!

These were all taken with my lensbaby. I'm loving it more and more!


Crazy Darren decided to pass us and Nathan who was in his Grandma's car and taking it slow (we were already taking up the whole road so he took the ditch :P)


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  1. Love how all the pics turned out!! I can't wait to scrapbook the ones of us... It really was so much fun! I'm glad we got to make it! :)