23 May 2013

Light Painting

Monday, the night of a few tornado's, we planned to have my cousin's and my Grandpa over for a little family time. Of course, it was delayed because of the severe weather, but they managed to make it over to our house anyway. We had a little bit of fun doing some light painting and other effects with the flash light.

Lightening flashed in the middle of him turn, so you
see his ghostly figure.

Aww... He loves himself. ; )

 Yep, this is what we do when the power is out! : D

Oooo... there's a ghost! And it's choking Darren!
We are so stupid, but who cares! :P



  1. Wow these are awesome! You guys have really good "air handwriting" haha :)

    1. Yeah, they were really good! They didn't write it backwards, though; they just had me flip it later.

  2. Great photography and good reading Blog.