03 May 2013

Ultimate Fribsee

I can definitely say that this sport has won the "game of the year" title for the Neosho area young people.
It all started back in Myrtle when I decided to bring a cheap 75 cent one to toss around a little bit.
From there we have advanced to official-Ultimate Frisbee which is much better.
All I can say is, I have had so, so much fun playing Ultimate Frisbee!

I had to leave the game at this point and finish homework. Oh, how I will be glad when those days are over.
You would think they should be over by now; but, No, all the teachers are still going strong with the homework! Ahhhhh!



  1. Don't worry, only a couple of more weeks! :D

    1. Haha, thanks. I would have thought the last weeks would have been a little more paper work stuff and a little less homework, though... :(