18 December 2014

Almost Time

I can't believe that tomorrow marks the last day of work... for a week! :)
I also can't believe that me -- the last of all people on the totem pole -- got the whole week of Christmas off! I'm normally not excited about packing my clothes and getting everything ready for a trip, but I am so ready for this trip to West Virginia to see my sister's new house, to have Christmas as a family, and to Ski! So eager that I laid all my clothes out, and even tried on my whole skiing outfit. 

Speaking of eager... Tuesday was my birthday and I couldn't have been more happy to have a birthday! lol It normally doesn't excite me very much to simply turn a year older, but this year... I was hyper days before Lol! My dearest friend and cousin, Heather, sent me this for my birthday. It is a little globe from Target (right Heather?) that I have almost bought for myself at least two times before.

If you are Katelyn or Karissa and you are reading this... you should stop now. Or you may as well open your present now. Hehe ;P 
I love just a little bit of giving here and there! It's just so right! It's not about what you get, neither is it about what you spend... it's only about the attitude of your heart! <3

I hope to see you all soon!
And I severely hope it is with a video from my GoPro with some fun skiing stuff.
Crossing my fingers that all my ideas work out!! :)



  1. Great images! Awesome composition and fabulous color.

  2. Ahh! Christmas time is so fun!! Have fun in West Virginia! Cannot WAIT to see pics when you get back! :D

    1. Yeah! I'll be taking three totally different cameras with me, so it should be fun!!