21 December 2014

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

So I still think it is pretty sweet that my sister's new house was completely furnished with everything when they got it. Yeah, maybe a few things in the house are a little older and she plans on trying to update somethings... but they have quite a few vintage gems - like these chairs. We had our first meal together after church Sunday.

Then we sang and played the guitar and piano. I felt like a super star... just saying ;P 
And ever since VHS went out of style... we really haven't had any "home videos" made around our place. So it's really nice to have my GoPro so I can easily record our family time, and it was fun to see everyone passing around my GoPro and recording different things :)

This is just a little screen shot from the video of the duet Kiki and I did :)

At night I asked Marty to build a fire -- they just make everything more cozy!

While we were sitting around the fire, it made me think of the new song by Pentatonix, "That's Christmas to Me" when it says: "The fireplace is burning bright, shining all on me..." :) Yep, it's Christmas alright! :)

Christmas wishes!

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