30 December 2014

In Flight

I am currently sorting through my GoPro footage from the flight home.
The best part of it, by far, was the very last section I videoed of us landing over Oklahoma City. It was the most beautiful thing ever to fly in over the lit up city, and the GoPro captured it really well!
This is a picture of my set up -- I was using the suction cup mount -- and on the left is a snap I took with the GoPro while we were in the air.

The only problem I'm having right now, is trying to make the decision of where to use the footage from my flight... Do I make more of a home-video compilation and use it at the end of little snip-bits of our time up in West Virginia? Or do I wait and use it for the skiing video I want to make? I don't have enough footage to make the skiing video, so if so I did that, I would have to wait until I went back and got more skiing footage in February.  :/  Hmmm... decisions.


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