28 December 2014

"Let's Take a Walk"

"Let's take a walk", she said. 
"It will be fun, short walk", she thought.

Well, apparently my whole family interpreted my words as an express desire take a walk that would burn off all the calories we ever ate in the whole 5 days we were there visiting my sister.

Yeah, so we sat out on a walk Christmas Eve to go down the lane from Alyssa's house... Kiki and I were about 20 minutes behind everyone, so we thought we would walk until we met up with them at a certain point by the creek. Not sure where we got that idea, because we never ran into my parents. And by the time we realized that they were probably walking the whole loop, we figured that we would walk more miles by turning around than to just go ahead and walk the whole loop as well. We found out that it was only a piddly 4 miles... ;P But trust me, it felt like 6 or 8. It was still really enjoyable, though.

I videoed the first section of our walk with the GoPro on my head and I had my DSLR taking pictures of scenery... I created a little video with the combined video and pictures. Because I have nothing better to do. jk.

But here are the pictures :)

And the video!

Part of the walk triggered so much déjà vu... back to our many vacations to a certain special cabin in Colorado. Mostly because you can hear the creek bubbling as it moves along swiftly... hidden behind the dense pine foliage. But also little things like these rusty old mailboxes, the little shack-like cabins built close to the road because they are crowded by the steep rise of the mountain, and the wet road we walked on all reminded me of Green Mountain Falls, Colorado! :)
Basically, I'm saying that it was just as good as any vacation to Colorado. Except there is no cell coverage... which is spotty in Colorado anyway, but you can rest assured that you will never have a chance of getting any in Pocahontas County, WV! ;)

And I actually used the compass on my phone for the first time. :P
When I got off the flight, the only directions I had to find my car was that it was on the East end of the second garage level. o.O How is someone directionally challenged supposed to find that!? LOL
Thank goodness for the iPhone!

I had a wonderful time... being with family and my sister's "second family" (basically everyone out in Green Bank), skiing, and flying home. It was all lovely! ;) 

And I got paid to do it all. It's a blessing to get so many weeks of paid vacation time. So basically find a job you love, or find a job with lots of vacation time. LOL, just joking... I love my job!


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